Gupta: Trump Should Be 'Ashamed' Pushing Untested Drug To Fight COVID-19 | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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MSNBC Medical Contributor Dr. Vin Gupta blasts Trump continuing to push taking the unproven drug hydroxychloroquine – which the president now says he’s taking – despite the fact his own FDA advises against it. Aired on 05/18/2020.
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Gupta: Trump Should Be ‘Ashamed’ Pushing Untested Drug To Fight COVID-19 | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Anotherblackman says:

I hope he’s taking it. I got my reasons.

Nic Moreno says:

Its just a distraction….geez when is everyone going to realize this

markjakes soos says:

Go hide like a coward u are

Alfred Degiorgio says:

TRUMP HAS REVERTED TO TYPE, A SNAKE-OIL SALESMAN. His snake-oil is a prescription drug for malaria and he’s selling it on international media as a cure/treatment for COVID-19. There’s absolutely no proof of that but ample proof that it has dangerous side-effects; Trump claims he’s the proof as he’s been taking his snake-oil for weeks. YEAH, RIGHT! Following on his household disinfectant cure, this one proves that TRUMP IS THE MOST DANGEROUS LUNATIC ALIVE!

hunnid dub hunnid stack says:

So y he not promoting the drug they say good but he still talking about the bad one makes me believe he's invested into that drug

Tony Brady says:

I wish he would

Roger Martin says:

Trump is a POS JOKE

Sam says:

Trump is pushing hydrochloroqine as vitamin. Wtf

John Peters says:

Wait, lets waste all day talking about a drug that he is not even taking because we know TRUMP LIES!!
So if we went to a single payer Medicare for All program could a president like Trump mandate that all of us take a drug like Hydroxy?? Has anything since 1940 worked out for the middle class and the social programs put in place or has it just been a way to tax 40% of our paychecks? As we pay for the battle to see Trumps tax returns in courts.. how much has that cost the taxpayer?

David Grover says:

Do not forget you MSNPC Progressives and your DemocRAT buddies decided to spread C O V I D 19 around in New York, New Jersey, and the U.S. generally. while Cuomo was calling the China travel ban racist in his state of the State address as they spread the Pinko pox.
Then you Progs supercharged the Kung Flu forcing this lockdown crap.
In fact without you Progressives we might have been able to keep the ChiComCrud out of the country for months or maybe until a vaccine was developed.
Don’t forget Nancy Pelosi Helped spread the Commie Cough in California to prove you clowns aren’t racist too.
Thanks a heap Plague Rats.

J. D. says:

So he is sick??? ( infected with corona😷)….or another distraction…or lie🤔

Field of Stone says:

Trump has proven all his life he is unashamed by anything he has done. Screwing around when his current trophy wife was having his child. Sexual assault, sexual predator, verbally abusive to women in public. Racism, putting babies in cages, calling his racist MAGA members to preform acts of moss murder. All this by his own words and actions. He has done things that anyone else would be ashamed of but he just keeps doing them even after he has been called on it. He dosent care because people and their lives are meaningless to him unless they can do something for him or in rich him in some way.


Lt. Bone Spurs just knows nothing but how to lie, but hopefully he is taking it with a glass of bleach and side of u.v. light!

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