Trump Refuses Mask In Public As U.S. COVID-19 Deaths Top 95,000 | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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Visiting a Ford facility in Michigan, Trump failed again to wear a face mask in front of the media as U.S. deaths from the coronavirus continue to increase. Aired on 05/21/2020.
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Trump Refuses Mask In Public As U.S. COVID-19 Deaths Top 95,000 | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


J. Fereira says:

Brian Williams is a smart guy playing stupid when he wants to. . .No births in this nation? Just deaths?
It must hurt dumbing yourself down for a paycheck.

Barbara Heed says:

Trump NEEDS to stop with saying ANYTHING about Clinton, Biden or ANYBODY . Maybe he needs to start thinking about the speech he will have to say to say goodbye to his political office.
He won't wear a mask he wants to stop mail in ballots. He wants he wants he wants.
Well the spoiled man child must say bye bye. Most are disgusted with him. Talk about being FAKE. He proves to be FAKE everyday.

eyzoff says:

LOL I'm positive I'm negative

Mi View says:

95% of the deaths they report are not accurate and those people did not die from the virus. Your looking at about 9,000 or so deaths from their "virus"

Janitor Tech says:

COVID-19 Definition:
C. I. A. Covert Operation Year 2019

Grahame Johnson says:

I have to use the bus today, it's my once a month visit to the bank i will be wearing a mask

Linda's Place says:

Absurd and dangerous. This is why death toll so high. We should have been over the hump of facial masks nine weeks ago. This political b.s. does not take care of what needs to be taken care of.

Paul Wesley Lewis says:

Good, straight, honest voting. The implication being that if he doesn't get re-elected it will be because of fraud.

Richard Cuevas says:

MONSTER 45 continue to wear a mask so we do not have to see your worthless face….You are a shame to Our Country !!!!!!!!

v dub says:

As long as he refrains from wearing a mask there is hope that the virus will find him and his single death will save thousands of lives

White Centaur says:

"Obviously there's going to be fraud. We're not babies. There's tremendous fraud." – tRump speaking about the Republican party. Hint, if you have to tell the world, 'We're not babies.', you are babies!

Ron Mayb says:

Such a child, make it harder for you to Cheat.

DRSmetal says:

That reporter should've declined the mask from Trump. It could be infected.

Hvalpikk says:

The trump virus, the trump financial crisis, the trump division of the country, the trump dismantling of law, the trump crime family.. oh yeah, great ducking prez ya got there bubba. 😂

Bucky says:

You know it is funny that he knows all about this mailing in ballots and how they can be fake and anyone can send them in and how easy it is to commit fraud, at least now we know how he got elected LMAO. The person that describes how it is done is usually the one who has done it.

John Brown says:

You can’t make this stuff up. He’s like a child.

buzzliteyear11 says:

Trump's leadership is definitely positively in the negative…super duper negative for all y'all Trumpians not sure what that means.

Nevigo says:

I feel bad for the average American. But before they realize Trump is hurting therm, not helping them this wont change. The only thing he think about is his own goals. He couldn't care less about The Americans.

Tiger Tiger says:

Where did you guys find this child 😂

Matt Hoowantstoknow says:

Donald Trump has to be the worst public speaker in the world.

UtubeProfit says:

The imperialistic colonial slave masters never had to wear mask, face  mask only mandatory for the slaves so that they would be silenced and a reminder to everybody they are slaves…He doesn't have too wear a mask, he is the president and we are his slaves, ….

adi sam says:

Let's get over it, if he doesn't wear a mask, that means he doesn't care about the people who are dying.

jtcouch says:

Sometimes the obvious national solution, an early-stage prophylactic treatment protocol, is not intellectually available to those without ears to hear or eyes to see. Thankfully many American doctors opted to selflessly save the lives of their patients, knowing that the FDA would likely not approve the treatment as a prophylactic for a long time. Those delays were immoral to those with the pure, courageous heart of the true healer. I call upon all doctors, worldwide, reading this tonight who have successfully treated patients with the French protocol and believe they obtained excellent results to post a video to that effect on Youtube. Hide your face if you need to, just report from your patient's bedside so as to verify.

John Doe says:

Fake news ! All they try to do is make this guy look like a crook. It is truly sickening and he will win again and maybe the media will start making real news.

Mike Donley says:

Donald Trump, by not wearing a mask in public is doing America a great service. How?, you ask? Have you ever heard, "How can you tell if a politician is lying? His lips are moving!" If her wore a mask, we wouldn't be able to tell.

Jayne Berkley says:

The only mask that would give me pleasure is one that covers his whole fat orange face!

Ben Farnsworth says:

Is it possible that the Imbecile in Chief is becoming more deranged? Any person with a shred of decency would be devastated that through neglect they contributed to the death of 95,000 Americans. But not Trump.

John Prini says:

trump doesn't know it yet but the 'war' is to get trump out of office

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