Study Finds Startling Number Of Pregnant Women Test Positive For Coronavirus | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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Dr. Dena Goffman, chief of obstetrics at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center talks with Rachel Maddow about a study she co-authored which tested asymptomatic pregnant women arriving to the hospital to give birth and found one in eight of them were positive for the coronavirus. Aired on 04/15/2020.
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Study Finds Startling Number Of Pregnant Women Test Positive For Coronavirus | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Egor Kotkin says:

That's actually a good news, bc it means that the virus is much less lethal.

Shawna Weesner says:

According to tRump, America can’t possibly test everyone!

Mette Jakobsen says:

In Europe we count on that about half of the cases of covid is with no symptoms or wery mild symptoms. So we have to act like everyone has covid. The one to eight pregnant woman with covid backs that asumption up. So it is old news.

MariaSonia Moreno says:

Pregnant women visit their doctors many times during their pregnancy, so they possibly caught it at the clinic. Most of the other population don't go to the doctor very often.

Angel Johnson says:

Doctors have already said, get ready for a second wave of the virus.
Only 1% of people in America have been tested. There are over 300 million people in America.
More testing needs to be done not just in New York, but all over the country
Plenty of people might not get tested because they don't have symptoms and can spread the virus. More testing is need to find out how many people are asymptomatic

Neon Prince says:

The tests are false/faulty

Malcolm Bell says:

…we just hope there won't be any side effects to the new born.

John G says:

She has an adams apple. Wtf

John G says:

She has a weird neck.

Hadena Brown says:

Thanks for the great news Rachel.

Sherilynn Grayer says:


Hadena Brown says:

How long does the virus incubate before the signs and syptoms start to show. Can the virus be dormant for months or years before flairing up again? What is the likelihood that it might mutate into a deadlier form? It sure would be nice to have a more competent president in office.

BigWasabi says:

The numbers fit the statistics fully because the entire world population is “ contaminated “ by this something virus 🦠 and that number will double within a few days and it totally fits Rachel’s missing mind!

ruth depew says:

I have been concerned about asymptomatic carriers for some time. From reports around the world, it seems that those in their 20's and 30's are more likely to be symptomatic than not. Senior citizens appear much less likely to be asymptomatic, so the one in eight ratio may only apply to young adults. I have no data on children, but I think it would be wise to find out before we open schools again.

neal thailand says:

Could the fact that women who are pregnant are going in for check ups more often, especially nearer to the birth, be an issue at play here? Doctor waiting rooms have always been a high disease transmission zone. Might it reflect that a lot of people going to doctors before testing was available, and were contaminating doctors offices with covid a lot earlier than thought?

NOTE: I'm not saying this is true, but I'm just wondering because the only thing I can think of that separates pregnant women from "regular people" (for want of a better term), is a high involvement with health care.

Symbiotic Flux says:

FEAR FEAR FEAR. They won't tell you that your chances of dying based on worldwide deaths currently is .002%, you have better odds of dying by walking down the street a couple blocks in a pedestrian accident. The US based deaths is .0087%, you have better odds of dying in a fire IN YOUR HOME. The average flu strain deaths worldwide are around 200,000-650,000, we are only at 137,078 worldwide and the virus is most likely seasonal. The curve in China is directly proportionate to the season change. As soon as China left winter their curve started to falloff (also because of quarantine). This is about taking away your rights and the banks are coming for your property by stalling the economy. ITS CLASS WARFARE.

randy tabron says:

Yea but people no stay home partying just to much fun or kids birthday or maybe just hanging out then go home give all

Tasos Parisinos says:

Same numbers from the Imperial College study (as lower limit). The high end of the threshold, you don't want to know

Trump 2Q2Q says:

lies and fake news and spreading fear for the deepstate

Thomas Hering says:

Mmh….If i remember right 15 percent was also the result at the "Heinsberg" study in Germany…

ForeverTS2 says:

1 in 700 Americans have it at the moment.

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