V.A. Tries To Hide Supply Challenges Faced In Coronavirus Fight | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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Rachel Maddow reports on internal e-mails from the V.A. medical center in Minneapolis that show a shortage of some supplies, and the V.A.’s reluctance to be transparent about the strain the coronavirus crisis is putting on its resources. Aired on 5/15/2020.
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V.A. Tries To Hide Supply Challenges Faced In Coronavirus Fight | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Eduardo Mambuca says:

We need a new and younger leadership. This old incompetent politician can't take care of American people.
We will vote you out Mr. Demon and your cronies too.
Let us save America.

Irritating Indiana says:

But if they complain they will be fired.

Wendy's Garden says:

One day there will be a Covid-19 Commission. I'd be more worried about that than these inept and lying administrators and politicians seem to be. I'd be very worried indeed.

Michael says:

"V.A. hasn't been straight" huh, much like you're bias reporting

midknight says:

Everyone and everything associated with the Trump administration over the past 3 years needs to purged come 2021. The sheer volume of lies, it has infected the entire system

John Dough says:

Sorry liberals, you are not taking my AR-15 or my 2nd Amendment. #TRUMP2020


I don't think that MSNBC is getting it's moneys worth from their spokes person!

Nicholas Rourke says:

This guys crazy

Colleen Kelly says:

We don't have a VA in Australia. ALL medical is free. And, my tax is LOWER than when I lived in Kentucky. Aus is now the richest country in the world, while USA crashed to No. 37 in health & education. Jesus started #MedicareForAll. Everywhere else can afford it – why can't "Christian" America?

Pappy Chulo says:

Well, the VA is half right. It can be mitigated. Now doing things known to mitigate risk is an entirely different thing. And the fact that the VA administrations refuses to supply those known things, is another entirely different thing. And, remember, Trump cut health insurance for his own nephew.

John Watt says:

Wow Trump turning America into China, Russia and North Korea. What’s next? Change law to allow him more than 2 term of presidency? Step up y’all, vote him out!

robotron17 says:

Mass shooters are just hating this lockdown.

Billy Bloggs says:

MSDNC tries to hide #ObamaGate

Chris Caviness says:

Stupid reporting. Let's see, I have 12 days of san. A, 1 day of san. B, soooo I have 13 days of sanitizer in supply, so why make a big deal of them collapsing that into a single line item… I think it demonstrates more about the (lack of) credibility of the reporter than the VA official. I mean who cares if it's purel or clorox if it's still effective? A reporter stuck at home desperate to get something resembling a story out.

Randy Roggenbuck says:

A cover up at the VA, how could there be shortcomings in a government agency when Kushner is saying there is no such thing

James Givens says:

MSNBC is the anything Trump is evil program. What happened to unbiased news?

Mick Winters says:

Stuff the VA bureaucrats, ASK the nursing staff!

Titus Scheirer says:

My dad and mom had dedicated there life to the U.S.A and whith me who had to move every year so for them to treat ia like that is some B.S
Are there any military brats in the comments

13bustah says:

V.A.'s being reluctant too be transparent in your ill-gotten internal e-mails? Obviously fake news.

Yobama 4302 says:

I hate you, Rachel Maddow. You are fake news and the enemy of the people.

robotron17 says:

The PCR tests are not precise and are not meant for diagnosis, according to test inventor and Nobel Prize winner, Kary Mullis (also according to at least one of the test instruction booklets).
PLUS, the tests don't even tell you if you have sufficient viral load to cause symptoms. This alone has massively and artificially increased the number of Covid-19 cases and deaths.

Hamilton Rodgers says:

But I thought Trump fixed the V.A., remember, Trump loves veterans.

E Diggs says:

I kinda wanna make out with her

Tom Spangler says:

Tell the truth you might get help or fired

Brian Sands says:

As a disabled Vet that depends on the VA for my on-going medical treatment I find this very disturbing. Even frightening. Dammit, I swear…the way this country treat its Veterans is appalling. The facilities are dreadful and archaic and I hate having to go to the Philly hospital whenever my condition compels me to do so. They've come a long way since I started depending on their services but compared to other healthcare I've received at other facilities they pale in comparison.

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