Study Finds Early Intervention Key To Blocking Coronavirus Spread | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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Jeffrey Shaman, professor of environmental health sciences at Columbia University School of Public Health, talks with Rachel Maddow about how the doubling nature of the spread of coronavirus makes it crucially important to act quickly in the early stages of an outbreak before cases balloon. Aired on 5/21/2020.
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Study Finds Early Intervention Key To Blocking Coronavirus Spread | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


James Roggero says:

As an individual, take your vitamins. People who are vitamin D deficient are particularly susceptible to COVID. This explains why the reports of blacks being disproportionately hit by covid. The darker your skin, the more time you need to be in the sun for your skin to absorb Vitamin D. Unfortunately because of COVID, everyone is inside!

Take your supplements people! Eat salads. Try to get some sunlight. Take a walk. If you don’t, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Mark N says:

I believe Rachel Maddow, always.

Ho Oh says:

Her face starting out looked like she had diarrhea leaking down her leg.

BigBoiJason says:

So we can finally….go out again?

scott says:

If Pelosi and the useless left wasn't so possessed with impeaching Trump than it would have been addressed earlier. Face the real facts that this hyped pandemic is a flu with a name on an election year… if you don't think the smart Americans see this for what is than I will expect every flu season in the future to be a repeat of the present. This entire crisis was man made and choreographed by the Democrats. Make no mistake about it.

Tim Borch says:

No masks for MSNBC? Hypocrites! 🇺🇸

Conan says:

They must be talking about New York and Cuomo late lockdown on 3/27 and the 36k Democrats he’s killed because of it! Trump locked down before the Eu and Britain!

Robert Cornelius says:

MSNBC's new hurtle: McEnany. Bahahaha

Cronostatis says:

You can “find” whatever you want. If you don’t release a vaccine, nothing changes. Shut up already.

Slim2xz Frm da Qc says:

I pray for peace 🙏

wattlesong says:

Because its growth is EXPONENTIAL Rachel, can't believe we are STILL having this conversation two months after I first heard, understood, and acted on it.

Kevin W says:

Apparently China did everything perfectly lol

Jerky says:

In your attempts to frame Trump as doing a bad job, you just wrecked the demorats, they attacked Trump when he acted, the demorats and their media were trying to impeach him…like some dirtbag kid in the back seat trying everything they can to cause the driver of the car to crash, then, try to blame the driver for the crash. Thats the demorats, thats their treasonous lying coup attempting trash media.

WikiBlabs says:

• Why shut down the global economy because of a virus that isn’t particularly dangerous and has only been responsible for just over 1% of the deaths so far this year and has only affected 0.04% of the population and has killed off a mere 0.0028% of it?

• Why quarantine healthy people instead of just the old and the sick?

• Why shut down schools and confine children indoors if they don’t even get sick from this virus?

• Why tell people to remain indoors when lack of sunlight, exercise and exposure to a wide variety of antigens leads to weakened immune systems and higher rates of infection?

• Why struggle to create a vaccine and vaccinate everyone when this virus happens to be a safe, effective and freely available inoculant against itself for the vast majority of healthy people?

• Why emphasize artificial lung ventilation when (in New York, for example) 80% of the patients who are hooked up to ALV machines die?

• Why tell everyone to wear face masks when they only stop 95% of virus particles (at best) and so delay the amount of time it takes to get infected from 10 seconds to as much as three minutes?

Sensible information on my Channel

Ben B says:

How genius lol

Don Def says:

i believe my president trump more than this doctor.. will vote again 20/20


Hello a vone

Natalya Villa says:

I don’t know what their waiting for , it’s been getting worse and trump isn’t doing anything. He needs to realize how much lives this virus is taking and stand up for what’s actually happening instead of sitting back and observing

Brian Hack says:

No. Instead of trying to keep locking down (which was only a good idea in a modeled world that does not take into account actual people living the model), how about finding ways for people to actually be healthier (not that yoga and eating "healthy" crap, actually teaching people why they should use expectorant instead of decongestant… et cetera). Or helping healthcare do a better job.
Dont go around trying to explain the mathematics of it just to look smart. Actually do the mathematics and determine if you are right.

G.O. Fast says:

Oh the humanity. All these deaths from a little bug!!! I’m so scared….how about we figure out how to get food and water to the dying adults and children to the world. This crap isn’t a pandemic. It’s barely a skin rash. Millions upon millions die every year from starvation or starvation related diseased deaths and almost half the worlds population is in need for water. That’s a pandemic. We can’t figure out how to feed and water these people and the kids who dies every 10 seconds. But let’s worry on the little deaths and worrying about a vaccine. I almost bet anyone who prays for all the well beings and safety to the sick or potentially sick don’t even once pray for the safety and well being for the worse off to get water and food….oh that’s right…the news isn’t shoving that down y’all’s throat so why be concerned about them!!??

Carlos Stranger says:

Another loser with another model another Papadopoulos Papadopoulos Muller Muller go away Mad Maddow you lying fraud go Fluff Avenatti on Epstein's island

Tyreese Washington says:

Lol how do u still support Donald Trump after this

Eva mike says:

so just click bait

ericgodofsaiyans says:

Yo I'm not going out anywhere for anything ever again

larry spizzirri says:

Trump still thinks it's a hoax.

rand mayfield says:

How do we make things better going forward? Easy answer: Don't vote trump in November. Not just making things better for America, but for the WORLD! I am tired of being laughed at. VOTE no on trump! Just don't vote until Mexico finishes paying for the wall. Don't be fooled! And, don't inject Clorox or Lysol to combat Covid-19. Still looking for the trump 15 Covid-19 patients and could only find 92,000 dead ones but am trump assured that this pandemic will "disappear", trump's words not mine. VOTE

Michael Richmann says:

I’m a certified epidemiologist and licensed immunologist. PLEASE DO NOT listen to what msnbc says. It’s purely lies and fear-mongering.

Chris says:

Remember when everyone fake news outlet downplayed COVID-19 and called Trump racist for closing borders to China? Look now.

wytwabit says:

It's the infection rate. It's exponential. Everyone should recognize this by now. Research docs tell us these things on YouTube, if anybody is paying attention. I'd think that Rachel Maddow and anyone reporting on a "pandemic" would know this by now.

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