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Overwatch: What I Learned as a GM in GOLD! – Ranked Exposed!

There are seemingly infinite ranked misconceptions that exist within Overwatch and it’s seemingly Sisyphean task to combat them, as for every lesson taught, there’s a dozen more incorrect interpretations being manifested. To attempt to help the community strengthen their command of the game and stop modes of behavior that inhibit improvement, content creators like SVB attempt to isolate these incorrect approaches and replace with more successful habits. In his series What I Learned as a GM in Gold he dives head first into the frustrating and chaotic space of Overwatch Ranked where there is more confusion than command over the game’s core principles and from there, we can begin to improve. In this video we see ranked exposed as a series of misunderstandings that if a player can conquer, they can escalate up the ranks. If you enjoyed this interview, please be sure to leave the video a like and don’t for get to subscribe to YourOverwatch and SVB linked below!

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