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Overwatch: Locked 2-2-2 Role Queue – YO vs Comments

In today’s YO vs Comments video we tackle the most relevant concept in Overwatch’s future (seeing as game Director Jeff Kaplan is a fan of the idea) 2/2/2 Locked Role Queue. Allowing for free form role/hero selection has resulted in years of chaotic unstable gameplay and an incredible unreliable experience overall. Players struggle to gain any momentum in learning a role because either, they can’t play it reliably often enough, are forced to fill on a different one – or don’t even have a proper team comp to begin with making a big % of games not contests of Competitive Overwatch, but instead won or lost at the hero select screen when Team A has a real comp and Team B doesn’t. All of this makes for the SR system to be far less legitimate of an indicator of ‘where a player is ranked’ due to this role flexibility problem and as well, the stability and reliability of the ranked experience is simply explosive due to its format. Despite this all being the case, there are some who are worried about the lack of creativity in a locked 2-2-2 (which at the high end it’s easily to be argued they’re’d be MORE creativity than there ever has been) but even so, it’s not like the playerbase is effectively utilizing all this “creativity” we’re currently awarded, no, instead we just get bad comps – nobody wants their games thrown “creatively” we want reliable competition. Queue times are also expected to go up for DPS players… So what exactly? What’s the alternative? 5 dps games back to back? Why jump into a game FASTER just to have it be a waste of time? That doesn’t work. Instead, players are more likely to learn non-DPS roles because they’re getting ranked PER ROLE, knowing that at any time, they can wait their turn to get EXACTLY the role they want, rather than negotiating at the hero select screen, bickering to get the team to play the comp they want. Yeah, the community isn’t handling all this “Creativity” too well, instead let’s have an actual competitive experience, leave creativity to the other modes – where tbh, FUN is reliably had. You may find, playing Quickplay is a far better experience most of the time than ranked is, so try it! If you enjoyed the video please be sure to leave it a like and don’t forget to subscribe!

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