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Overwatch: GOATS Was Accidentally BUFFED! – Meta Discussion

This is NOT an April Fools joke, the fallout of the massive list of buffs and nerfs has resulted in the 3-3 meta only shifting a bit. The massive patch didn’t really diminish the GOATS comp much other than the fact that bunker comps on some maps are somewhat playable on a couple defenses. Other than that, GOATS traded some Lucio speed for some serious CC control from Brigitte and Lucio so that the Winston version of the comp is actually MORE durable than it was before as those two supports can keep anything off of their Zen more easily. A bit of a balancing nightmare when nerfing goats was the goal, but instead Blizzard has proverbially kicked the can down the road with the goats meta, as it has been accidentally buffed not nerfed. The real culprit is Brigitte whose mere mention alone will trigger anger in the comments section of this video but truthfully, she does still dominate the objective control aspects of the game and seeing as that’s how you win in Overerwatch, being playable as a 3rd support is causing some serious problems for Team 4 to solve. If you enjoyed this meta discussion video please be sure to leave it a like and don’t forget to checkout Samito and Jayne’s streams linked below.

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