Months Into COVID-19 Crisis Trump Lacks Basic Understanding Of Key Issues | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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Rachel Maddow shares video of Donald Trump stumbling through answering a question about coronavirus outbreaks at meat processing plants, and criticizes his inability to speak to significant, mortally serious aspects of the crisis even months into it and almost 100,000 Americans dead. Aired on 5/20/2020.
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Months Into COVID-19 Crisis Trump Lacks Basic Understanding Of Key Issues | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


J Blaze says:

When he started speaking, before he said it, I knew he was going to say " It's cleaner that it has ever been". He is so predictable. Imagine what the world leaders that prey on Americas downfall think. Sad

laptopreader says:

Wow… did I heard wrong? She just put the President at Kinder-garden level?.. impressive

Akela DeWolf says:

yel·low jour·nal·ism noun. journalism that is based upon sensationalism and crude exaggeration.
Frank Luther Mott identifies yellow journalism based on five characteristics: scare headlines in huge print, often of minor news. lavish use of pictures, or imaginary drawings. use of faked interviews, misleading headlines, pseudoscience, and a parade of false learning from so-called experts.
ooops! ))

Frank Beaton says:

This poor misguided man has admitted to not knowing more than any other president I can think of.

Boss Woman says:

He doesn't get that he's talking about living breathing human beings. These are people's very lives held in the balance here with families, dreams and hopes to fulfill. Trump's a businessman and his reality is based on balance sheets, profits and losses. He can't get his head around the fact that he's putting lives on the line for his GDP, re-election. Lives that we can't get back. Frightening! Vote Blue, whatever you do! 😷

Akela DeWolf says:

Anytime a dimotard tells you you should agree with them, its gonna be wrong….. )

KentBalzer says:

At least Trump is not a Democrat.

Ruchira De Silva says:

When you are only educated up to the age of 6 do you expect anything different? Come on people you voted him in. Then again only 37% of the people in the US have a University degree.

Liam Larby says:

Has anyone else noticed how he turns to someone else on the podium and continues to spout his drivel as if looking for some form of confirmation or acknowledgement that what he’s saying makes some form of sense??
Telltale sign of bullsh1t mode !!
I feel some sympathy for the poor unfortunate official under his gaze whose mind is suddenly saying “PLEASE PLEASE Mr President, look away and don’t involve me in this farce…!!”

Jay Norris says:

Why doesn't president worthless go see a what a meat packing plant is like? Does he even know what a cow or pig looks like? I don't mean what's on his plate either.

Raptors Gunning says:

With less dan 4% of world population in US,,he delivered 100,000 deaths.. Then imagine if he ws d president of china wat wud hav hapnd.. He is d ultimate kilr😂😂

mark says:

i understand your frustration Rachel ,, it's unbelievable this pathological lying moron with the vocabulary of a 5th grader and intelligence of a brick ,,,NOV can't come soon enough

Angie Edralin says:

That's how schizophrenic person behaves talks no sense, word salad delusional and paranoid

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