100 Countries Push For Investigation Into WHO's COVID-19 Response As Blame Game Intensifies | MSNBC

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A resolution with the support of 116 countries. is calling for “an impartial, independent and comprehensive” evaluation of the actions of the WHO and its response to the coronavirus pandemic. It also seeks to identify the origin of the COVID-19. Keir Simmons reports. Aired on 5/18/2020.
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100 Countries Push For Investigation Into WHO’s COVID-19 Response As Blame Game Intensifies | MSNBC


Ganz Wien says:

Long live Chairman Xi 🇨🇳

Tsering Dhondup says:

they are money printer….CCP doesn't need councils approved, you need money you take money and you have money. thats called money laundering ..

Kevin McNeil says:

It cant be the Chinese because MSNBC and all you leftist love them.

Mueller Time says:

Nuremberg 2.0

This time we hang even more socialists.

This is MAGA country

Lucky Luciano says:

Andrew Cuomo sent my Grandma back to the Nursing home . Andrew Cuomo killed my Grandmother.

Radwulf Eboraci says:

Trump got punked. Mangolini runs around blaming WHO threatening to cut funding and blaming China saying they should pay him. This guy shows up agrees to an 'investigation' and then offers WHO $2 billion in payment (not Trump). Giant GFYS from China. The Chinese make 2-3 Trillion $$ from the west/yr What would the motivation be to launch a plague??

Mueller Time says:

Happy no Hillary day!!! God bless!!!!!

赵睿侃 says:

Things are not simple!

A few days after the FBI warned the Chinese government of hacking, today the Chinese government suddenly volunteered to join the investigation.


Maybe there was a hacker, and the hackers actually got something, something that was very good for the Chinese government and very, very bad for the United States.The Chinese government has now joined the investigation and is likely to use those items.

China's ambassador in Israel died suddenly of a "heart attack" yesterday.The man looked very healthy before he died.

At the same time, what is so urgent and important that the secretary of state should travel to Israel in person despite the current outbreak?


Perhaps some operations must be directed by some big man himself.And insiders must be few.You know, the CIA has a lot of ways to get people to die of "heart attacks."
Perhaps something important must be destroyed at all costs.

Things are not simple!

Something very, very big is going to happen!

Mueller Time says:

The wuhan Kung flu is brought to you by Winnie the Flu.

justsaying says:

China should provide Financial Aide they've been robbing everybody for years now. Poor Trade deals. Re: Trump, of course the US is taking the Low road…negative man.

andtam008 says:

WHO should investigate the failures of the response to Coronavirus in the Western countries and come out with a report.

dragondescendant1 says:

If Taiwan province can send representatives to the WHO, then all 50 states from USA as well. This is just another BS propaganda from the stupid brit reporter.

BigWasabi says:

Video is extremist terrorism propaganda and extremist terrorism recruitment propaganda with disturbed ultra violence racially and gender hate ideology terrorism propaganda active engagement specifically targeting Europeans and Asians and engaging in open terrorism activity against these specific population groups Video also engages in incomprehensible vulgar perverse grotesque necrophiliacs mass murder and large scale extremist terrorism fantasy propaganda and activity Video needs to be removed immediately by google

Kevin says:

MSNBC doing the work of the chinese socialist state.

Minnie Minosa says:

Who wants to by products " made in China " now ? Let the cheap Chinese merchandise rot on the store shelves. We need a world embargo on China

Rhonda Steele says:

Whatever comes from the United States of America will be lies lies and More Lies

Buddy Mckimmey says:

Made in china😉

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