Trump says U.S. wouldn't close over second wave of coronavirus

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As health experts warn of the risk of a second wave of the coronavirus later this year, President Trump told reporters yesterday the U.S. will not shut down if another surge of the outbreak hits the country. CBS News White House correspondent Ben Tracy joined CBSN to discuss the president’s comments and new guidance from the White House as state economies reopen.

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SJ C says:

We need a vaccination 💉

Kingfisher Outdoors says:

I'm ok with that. We have a few months to figure out testing and treatments. the only people that should be quarantined are sick people. Not healthy

Syd Beretta says:

I would say don't reopen , however the Karens have had their way, and it's clear we don't have a handle on this at all

Andrew Marshall says:

Obviously all retribute comments coming from people on fed, state or counties dime .

RK831 says:

Why don't we just shut the country down until the virus is completely eliminated from the planet, no matter how long it takes. Even if it means for five years.

Jae Gruber says:

This crap. So many don't get the usual flu shot (and never get the flu) and who would blame them? "Approved" by the FDA and CDC and any of the other clown shoes…have you watched TV for 2 seconds and watched the drug commercials with side effects and two years later people have died or had life changing negative results. And now we're all going to dash out and get a vaccine when all the "models" have been wrong? Good luck.

joe black says:

If he caught it I wouldn't care

Maria Fernanda Lopez says:

Coming from the guy who says inhaling bleach is good for humas. What a joke.

Rosycheeks says:

happy new year

SJ C says:

There should be no social gatherings just live stream church services. Why put your healthy parishioners at risk.

Myles Ray says:

Mask is only for control

advanceddarkness3 says:

Look at all you cowards, afraid of an over hyped 97% recovery rate virus. The media controls you sheep.

Becky Kent says:

I voted for Trump but he is totally losing it now. To not wear a mask is absolutely being an idiot!

bellmeisterful says:

Thats right. Freakin duh. We know now what it is idiots. Yall are such non thinkers when it comes to this president. Set on auto pilot.
You think that if theres a second wave its gona be this different thing? Oh, youd just automatically shut down everything? Idiots. TDS is real.

Nigel love says:

After bungling the first response, now he thinks he has learned! No donny, you`re just too dumb to do the right thing.

Range Man says:

He still makes you wonder if the commis have him , or dont… mandatory vaccinations will be the big decider…

Field111 says:

In Snohomish county , WA…….. 1 in 3000 got sick and 1 in 10,000 died. IF ITS NOT A HOAX THEN WHAT IS IT.

Coolborn says:

We'll be alright. The country needs to open back up. We can do this, US citizens!! Just be smart and do the 6ft distance thing

Jesse says:

He didn't close the US the first time.

Leap Frog says:

Guess what. The flu vaccine is only 10% effective. Masks don’t stop viruses they barely stop dust. Fear mongering “news” won’t quit.

Myles Ray says:

Go trump we all know coronavirus is fake there was no first outbreak there won't be 2nd CBSN fake news

Noneyalls Biddness says:

I hope we allow all Democrats to stay home. Infact, we should even accept the Democratic Party suggestion to follow the CCP's plan. Then we can weld them all into their house's. It's what they want, it's what we do….bend the knee to their insanity….so it's a win a win.

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