Thorough Testing Reveals Surprising Extent Of Coronavirus Spread | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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Rachel Maddow tells the story of a Los Angeles nursing home that was able to test all of its residents and employees for coronavirus and found a startlingly large number of positive cases that had not previously been apparent through symptoms. Aired on 4/24/2020.
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Thorough Testing Reveals Surprising Extent Of Coronavirus Spread | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


jko83 vp says:

I was wondering how and why you get more people infected in nurse home ? Is not the most place to go before this started.

focused says:

These reports are so wishy washy. One day we're ahead of the curve next day the infection rate is rising again smh. Ridiculous

Bruno G1980 says:

Corona hoax testing only the stupid cant see through all this of what a fraud this whole thing has been since day one a hoax that destroyed the economy not only millions of jobs lost businesses lost for good but millions of civil liberties rights violated because of all this that federal state local governments ordered for people to be locked down to wear masks & distance themselfs from one another…hopefully not every sheep will comply to this communist order which I will not in any way period.

Mary J says:

Welcome to the world psycho fake! It's the same everywhere !just because you haven't been tested, doesn't mean you don't have it!!! That's why isolation is important to follow. You should get real job that you can earn your paycheck, not by layin to the people. I hope you get your KARMA and maybe the virus because you don't deserve to leave.

KustomGraphics206 says:

Amazing how the Jewish care home was able to get more than enough tests

Thomas Ehrhardt says:

This would make it seem.that Doctors, nurses & healthcare workers are spreading the disease? How get into nursing homes were residents hardly leave…. they haven't been allowing visitors for a month is PPE not working?

FlintStonedKid810 says:


kovusoreno says:

you know whats really bad when we find out that most people already have it wait we did….. even said whats really really bad is when we find out that people had covid-19 way before the lock down wait….. we did.I 100% believe that it is essential to test every person in the nation then after we find out that that approx 75-80 percent of us have it we can quarantine the ones who do not and the rest of us can go back to work.

5cloudwalker says:

How can 282 people dislike this video unless they are Trump supporters I find this video to be very informative and scary

Jeff sandrock says:

Research "event 201"

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