Physical Distancing Is The Only Tool We Have To Stop COVID-19 | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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Rachel Maddow points out that without any treatment or vaccine for COVID-19, the only tool available to fight its spread is physical distancing, and any victories claimed over the continued spread of the coronavirus is attributable to physical distancing, which means it is a particularly deadly decision when governors don’t issue statewide distancing orders. Aired on 04/09/2020.
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Physical Distancing Is The Only Tool We Have To Stop COVID-19 | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Alan Wong says:

You know what, Trump was so efficient when it came to the big tax cut to help those big corporations especially his cronies. But for the Coronavirus, Trump is acting like "You die your business, not my responsibility !"

Robert Nguyen says:

Take it let us live in the cave for the next 10 years..right

tcnascar1 says:

Thats just dumb!

Robert Nguyen says:

Yeah..forget about covering your mouth..forget about washing hands..take it are causing fears among the people..take it are nor making it better with your media posting mass hysterical

ruth depew says:

On the battleship Teddy Roosevelt of the test that have results, 55% of the positives are asymptomatic. This is probably due to the large number of young adults on the ship, but it points out why young adults should stay home. Young adults are the Typhoid Marys in this pandemic. We have them by the thousands and we have no idea how many weeks they can be contagious.

Typhoid Mary was contagious until her death 38 years after she contracted the disease.

Michael Whaley says:

Absolutely right Rachel, social isolation is definitely working well in Australia. If you don’t believe me, check out our statistics @ worldometer. We are flattening the curve, just watch us.

Kolypsa Disruptive Technology says:

This is actually a lie. There is Sweden which is a ticking timebomb for the authoritarians. Then there is sanitation, which is more effective. Then there is medical cures… Ect

John Hardy says:

You can get killed crossing the street or smoking it's all about the government's hope's towards a police state. The worst effect of this is, billions of people are lockdown & not living their lives, many businesses will go bust & the state paying People's wages will go bust to. People smoke, drive, race motorcycles, if you get killed you get killed, BUT LIVE YOUR LIFE.

Ryan B says:

…and masks Rachel "World Health Organization" Maddow. It's the bio-aerosols the WHO tried to cover up about.

Joseph Nguyen says:

Rachel Maddow, I got your point, so what is your solution to help American people ? Can you make a Covid-19 vaccine ? Can you or MSNBC donate some money, ventilators machine, or face masks to Hospital and medical clinics ? If you can help American people in this crisis time, the please don't put United States President and Federal Government down, let them do whatever they can, American people is not stupid, we know who is the good one to elected from a whole bunch of bad people

Joshua mowdy says:


What may i do for you?

Good luck.

Abir Ali says:

Should we heal the world by striving to make China a transparent democracy with free media.

Roy Rice says:

Rachel, You hit the nail on the head, and hopefully some real stupid people!! Stay At Home. Real simple, not real stupid!

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