New York City to close some streets during coronavirus outbreak, Cuomo says

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced new rules for New York City playgrounds and said a pilot program will test closing some streets to reduce crowding for pedestrians during the coronavirus outbreak. Watch his remarks from a news conference Wednesday.


Nadia Derras says:

Slow down senator we will be ok when I see you talking its very scary

Igor says:

I wish our president was even a sliver of this savior

Yurit Cardenas says:


Make Racists Afraid Again says:

Impeached Trump has Failed!

Jeff Lovejoy says:

The world is dying and Andrew Cuomo, a professional politician, is using another financial collapse and a pandemic to run for president. Just watch what happens in the Progressive Socialist Democratic Convention.

DOODLES Drop says:

What's sad is in 2020 we have the government instructing us how to was our hands. How dumbed down has our society become?

David Smith says:

I voted for trump but if he lifts the ban on working by Easter Sunday and everyone is crossing paths and spreading the virus I WILL NOT VOTE FOR TRUMP AGAIN!!!!!!! He wants the worst for us,him and his entourage. …….AND I WILL NOT VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT EITHER. ………THE ONLY PERSON WORTHY OF MY VOTE IS JESUS CHRIST HE TRULY LOVES US AND WILL HEAL Our Land IF WE TURN AWAY FROM OUR SINNING AND WICKED WAYS…..AND ASK HIM TO FORGIVE US……..TRUMP WORKS FOR SATAN JUST LIKE ALL OF WASHINGTON ………..

Jeff Lovejoy says:

The virus was in the United States for six (6) weeks before anybody started testing for it. It was another four (4) weeks before the broken test kits were replaced and real testing could begin. Now that the new test kits are out there and being used, the only reason New York City knows it needs to slow the number of cases entering its hospitals is because the number of people testing positive keeps growing — exponentially.


I wish china should be dissapeared from the world map as soon as possible

Patti Naz says:

Stop Asymptomatic cases. They are the massive group of spreader.

rajat vats says:

You guys don't seem too serious about it. Just shut down everything possible except for the essential supplies and services.

Still talking about closing parks and playgrounds while you are already the new breeding ground of this pandemic.

mike stone says:

What an idiot..

Cynthia Jones says:

If you die today will you go to heaven? Have you ever lied, stolen, used God's name as a curse word? According to God's law, you're guilty… But wait, because of God's love for you God's son Jesus died paying for your sin! Believe & receive Jesus as your savior, repent of your sin, read the Bible daily & obey it. PLEASE believe now before the tribulation starts and you will be spared, you can wait but life will be horrific during this end time.

SupremeRevival155 says:

I like this guy even though he is a Democrat.

Nathan Fleischman says:

Joe Biden is holding a press conferenece right now. CNN and MSNBC aren't covering it, so here is where you can watch it:

Mykola Rieland says:

All that we are is the result of what we have thought
Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment

Marshall Maware says:

In 2 weeks time the US will be knee deep in bodies it will have no option but to threaten war

Silly Milkmaid says:

NYC people ARE NOT staying home, they are grouping in the streets and parks! That's nothing but a big FU to the medical workers and first responders! America is losing sympathy for people that will not help themselves and protect each other, regardless of the warmth and humanity spin the guv tries to lay down. omg. WTF NY?

Website Inquiries says:

We just need martial law and Obama back or we’re all going to die.

corey says:

Sure watch more bike lanes, what a bunch of dopes. Uh oh no basketball here come the riots.

Helen Herndon says:

He's a real leader… the "president" should learn from people like him

Stan Gable says:

Seriously??? Close streets to cars so it can be filled with people?… Does this make sense?

krokus1972 says:

can we just replace trump with you?

panthera50 says:

Risk groups overview :


People with cardiovascular disease

People who take drugs that weaken their immune systems, like many MS patients

Diabetic patients

People with high blood pressure

People with cancer are also at an increased risk of serious complications because their immune systems are often weakened.

Conclusion: a LOT of people.

So : "Would you rather be 6 feet apart or 6 feet under?" 😈 😈


rhianna dodd says:

You are doing fabulous sir

Nello Jennings says:

It's nice to see this guy Govern instead of being a schoolyard bully as he has been during his tenure prior to this crisis.
He reminds me of how his Father was as governor now.

MegaRudyray says:

Wow, he's not just saying "we're doing a great job" and then blaming others… refreshing.

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