Dr. Fauci: Many Covid-19 vaccine candidates in the works

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CNBC’s Meg Tirrell talks with White House advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci about the coronavirus vaccine trials, reopening the economy and more.


Richie DKNY says:


Sma 556 says:

The Age of Stupidity is here. Fauciism is alive and well.

Red Pill Renaissance says:

Amazing, this is considered financial news. Ten years of 0% interest rates and QE 1, 2, and 3, and they blame the virus for the collapsing economy. Their solution, ten more years of 0% interest rates and QE to infinity! The Fed began NotQE 4 in September of 2019 with the freezing up of the Repo Market, BEFORE the virus! The Fed began lowering interest rates in January of 2019, before the virus! The Fed and Central Banks are the virus! The “Cure” is Free Market Capitalism and a Sound Money Silver Standard like the Founding Fathers intended! That is what made America the most wealthy country in the world! There are NO bailouts in Free Market Capitalism!! Bailouts are for Crony Capitalism, Fascism, and Socialism. Once America left the Gold Standard in 1971, we went from being the most wealthy country in the world, to the MOST INDEBTED COUNTRY IN WORLD HISTORY!! The Fed has destroyed our monetary system, and replaced it with DEBT instead of Silver and Gold!! The awakening that is happening is probably too little too late!

omnia resipsaloquitor says:

trust snow weiss not to ask any tough questions

omnia resipsaloquitor says:

fauci is a words weasel he has become a trump stooge fast vaxer,,,,,,,,he is without integrity and not worthy of trust………

Michael John says:

Dr. Fauci is a dinosaur. Look at the morbidity rates of S. Korea or Japan, or even Germany. I was much more impressed with the Health Minister of Germany who was on CNBC a few weeks ago.

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