COVID-19 vaccine could be ready in 12-18 months: US top scientist Fauci

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The race is on to develop a vaccine against COVID-19.
At least 70 potential treatments are in development, with three at the clinical stage when human trials begin.
Outside China, the US is the only other country undertaking human testing.
America’s top medical expert Anthony Fauci has said a vaccine could be ready within 12 to 18 months.
But health officials elsewhere say it could take even longer, as others warn against rushing the process.
John Nicholls is the clinical professor of pathology at the University of Hong Kong.
His team was one of the first outside mainland China to reproduce COVID-19 in a laboratory for research.
He joins us on Skype from Hong Kong.

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Fainoor Gooner says:

Being diplomatic not helping common doc plz help people and save the loved once of someone

Fainoor Gooner says:

Man look at his eyes he is readying lol

Fainoor Gooner says:

Doc look at the camera and talk? Are u readying some narative?

Fainoor Gooner says:

What's safe and challenging? If they die u will answer u doc strange?

Najwa Laylah says:

So, in other words, no progress in this rosy-case scenario since it was said by many one month ago, or a month before that, and perhaps before that.

kxmode says:

I won't accept any vaccine from China unless it is proven to be safe. There's also a potential unethical issue of the Chinese government authorizing testing on their people whether they consent.

kxmode says:

I recommended a third option several weeks ago. The young between ages 21 to whatever max age the medical community deems safe, volunteers to get infected with COVID-19, then are placed in isolation for three weeks or, if safe, stay at home for two weeks. This action serves two purposes.

1. It creates a natural herd immunity.
2. It provides medical science with naturally produced antibodies.

Most of those who fought in both World Wars were young. Many didn't survive, and parents knew their child(ren) could die. However, in this case, the medical community has REPEATEDLY stated that the vast majority of the young will be fine if infected, thereby making the risk of death quite low. In volunteering to do this, it would be the moment for all the young to shine as heroes.

KSandraNet says:

Fauci is evil and not to be not get V…. they want to kill us they do not have out best interest

Easton Dr says:

Make CCP pay for all the bills

TrumpIsToBlame says:


Mo Salah says:

In God's grace He can eliminate this Coronavirus in a matter of seconds.

k mi says:

Well you all crack on, and il get my slippers out the oven.

Richard Sinque says:

There is a Physician from the Philippines who have invented a cocktail vaccine years back to possibly cure this disease, his name is Dr. Fabunan.

gene patrick says:

Doesn't this virus do the same thing to the immune system that HIV does to the body and immune system?So if they find a vaccine for Covid-19 then they would have find a cure for HIV aids as well?

Nj Ali says:

Start with bill and trump 👍👍

Bro. Ezii says:

The coronavirus vaccines could be ready in 18 months or perhaps more. So, how did the Chinese treat their patients to extent that they now claim they have defeated the virus?

Mohammed Ibrahim says:

All this politic drama

R D says:

A treatment that is 99,62% effective when taken early ALREADY EXISTS, its Hydroxychloroquine with Azithromycin/zpack (zink may also help). ALL media that are not covering this should be considered to be criminally Corrupt Propaganda. Theres no point in taking a vaccine for virus like these.

And we have also been LIED to about the danger of covid19, it is LESS dangerous than seasonal flu and the data we are given is a FRAUD. The total seasonal death for 2020 will be Much Lower than 2017 for all regions and countries that do not commit fraud.

knight toking says:

Globalist reptile and beast lap dog, Fauci…he needs to crawl back into his hole with his trash injections/ mark.

Elya Nasser says:

We use vaccines since birrh.. thus could also work. .. keep it up.. measles.. tb.. polio.. flu.. cough.. yellowfever and many more.. in shaa Allah this could also be of great help

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