Coronavirus outbreak: Canadian city services threatened; Brooks’ big COVID-19 outbreak

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Abigail Bimman explains which community services and facilities could vanish because of the coronavirus wiping out billions from municipal coffers. Plus, Heather Yourex-West looks at how COVID-19 was able to run rampant through Brooks, Alberta.


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Walter Wachs says:

Do your part don't fart. Makes just about as much sense.

Walter Wachs says:

Do your part don't fart.

Christine Stange says:

Need to pay drivers more … or cut routes.
Brooks is a story of a "Super Spreader". Dangerous.

Frank Garrett says:

Suffering financially due to the shutdowns.

Emily DeBridge says:

i don’t get why any government would cut ESSENTIAL services. i know because of the money and all, but there are other ways to get that money!

Señor Ken says:

Every municipality will be setting up speed traps and handing out speeding tickets like they're going out of style to make up for the deficit


Oh here we go. Now for the consequences of the lockdown. Let us see how many deaths this plandemic will cause because of stupid overboard measures that we took. Like Dr Ben Carson said: This Economic Crisis Was ‘Intentional’.

ET Baby says:

Pure science fiction……..and you sheep fall for it.

andy says:

Watch x22 report to hear some good news for a change

CorySmith Vernon1 says:

Things are looking bleak. The media rattles off an alarming increase in the numbers of the people who have contracted and died from the Coronavirus. The press offers macabre minute-by-minute updates of the ever-increasing casualties.  

The United States stock market dropped thousands of points and was down over 10%. CNBC breathlessly covers the dramatical drops in value and upticks as if the stock market is a sporting event and not your retirement funds and college plans for your children. 
There are pictures of shopping stores that have been picked clean, stoking fear. Online you see large lines forming at Costco to purchase supplies in case of a disaster.

It’s easy to succumb to the fear of the crowd when everywhere you turn there is negative news. The hard part is to keep your head when everyone else around you starts going into panic mode.
Here are some bright spots on the horizon. You will have to manage your expectations about what will happen next. It’s highly likely that the next few weeks and months will be rocky. The Coronavirus is something scientists and the medical community have not encountered before. They don’t yet know its cause nor do they currently possess an antidote or vaccine. It’s unreasonable to believe that life will play out like the movies, our medical heroes and heroines immediately find a cure and save the day. The reality is that this will take time.
During this in-between period, there will be uncertainty and fear with brief pockets of hope. We will find a cure for the coronavirus. America may have her faults, but we’ve consistently demonstrated our ability to overcome great obstacles. Putting aside petty political disagreements, our society and culture fosters helping others. Capitalism offers the financial incentives and rewards for coming up with solutions to serious problems. The combination of the two bodes well for us and the rest of the world. The best and brightest people in the medical community, bio-tech professionals and health care officials are all laboring on finding a solution to this outbreak.

Tesla Backseatballer says:

Everyone , everywhere are hurting. I hope my YT channel picks up.i hope life for everyone picks up.

Silvia Logan says:

When will those the swimming pools and other ball fields open?

No Soul says:

At my water park we trap that HARD. Free my water park 2020.

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