Why Big Picture On Coronavirus Remains Uncertain | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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New NYT reporting shows the number of new coronavirus cases confirmed in the United States has steadily declined in recent days, but the progress remains uncertain. The panel discusses the numbers and Trump’s response to the virus.
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Why Big Picture On Coronavirus Remains Uncertain | Morning Joe | MSNBC



Terryankev Miller says:

They are not reporting the case numbers and deaths in these states…..everything is still politically motivated

Bad Fairy says:

20% safer outside.

Angelica RoseMarie says:

America/MSNBC… 170 days … "The American Citizen Registered Voters" will be their
There are, "NO NATIONAL/FEDERAL GUIDELINES RESPONSE" that has been established
by the Trump Administration. WHY?!?
There hasn't been a "CDC" news conference in months. WHY?!?
Could these under reported numbers of COVID-19 deaths, be lesser in most states
following the "TRUMP WIDESPREAD SUGGESTIONS" that reporting of COVID-19 deaths
could be overstated and some COVID-19 deaths can be placed in different categories?!?
The confirmed numbers of 90,569++ American Citizens, that have sadly died from …
the deadly infectious disease pandemic Coronavirus … are horrendous & devastating
for everyone who's continuously grieving their beloved family member's deaths.

Malca's Grace says:

Prepare for the fall flu season Now
Social Distancing
Home made meals in the freezer
Medication 90 day supply
Bottle water supply
Clean clothes
Gas money supply
Care for each other
Wear A Mask
We got this if we are Smart

Slappywag Waggings says:

I find myself humming the tune, always look on the bright side of life by the time I’m done watching the news. Monty Python reference for those who don’t know..

Gert Brugge says:

In novemberTrump will magically go away

Margery Britton says:

Ok, let the others talk!

His Bubbliness says:

Operation: Warp Speed? You'd think they'd save that for the Space Force.

Eric Hummel says:

Optimism and aggression may or may not work in a shooting war, but its a guaranteed disaster in medicine. Our President should NOT be a snake-oil salesman.

Propulsion Studios says:

The numbers mean nothing unless EVERYONE is being tested on a regular basis. For example, a state that holds back on testing, due to lack of tests, lack of people getting tested for whatever reasons, or intentional mishandling of the numbers, can appear to have "less cases per day" reported. Versus a state that is all about testing as many people as possible, who will then show many more daily cases. GOP states are snubbing their numbers, Democratic ones are, well who knows. You cannot trust any numbers until every single American gets tested on a regular schedule, using the same RELIABLE tests. Otherwise, this kind of number counting is just completely useless.

Sean Radley says:

Test for the truth

Marius M says:

the enfeebled elderly old man trump- squealing pink like the pig inside. WE SEE YOU SIR- AND YOU ARE INDECENT AND FILLED WITH HIGH STRANGENESS.

HORTY D says:

trump will bully any country that finds the vaccine first.

Franklin Hall says:

If we are to prepare for the fall, we've got to get Trump out of the White House now and by next month in order to do so. Elections is not the solution, invoking the 25th amendment is and we just need the numbers to for the special council and Congress to do just that.

snoop alert says:

Warning PMS DNC at work

F says:

So, you're saying that if Trump hold MAGA rallies his supporters will infect each other?

I have never felt SO MUCH enthusiasm for a MAGA rally since… ever? I only wish he'd pick Palin as a running mate and rally with her too!

W.S. Williams says:

Vaccines normally take 5 or more years – there's virtually zero chance there'll be a vaccine in the fall.

Horrifying Apocalypse says:

To spice things up, people who get infected should dress up as zombies and wear a mask with a print of a zombie mouth with bloodied teeth. Respiratory problems should naturally add the zombie moaning sound effects. Social distancing would become a game of "run away from the infected zombies"! Plus, if we were to carry Nerf water guns we could shoot the infected to keep them at a safe distance. Who's in? 🙂

Bill Cook says:

States reopening, no guidelines, no coordination.🤔 I guess this is the part where we see how contagious this virus really is. One way or another.

Fabricator Factory says:

Did you think it would get better when you lesson to a mad man's orders to open during a world pandemic. Too bad your government doesn't know how to look after its own citizens during this time.

Pearl Barkley says:

Although I vote for Democrats and Republicans… the Republican Senate did a huge disservice to the American public when they did not vote to remove trump!!!

Eric Swartzmiller says:

They're setting us up for mandatory testing tracing and vaccinations COMMUNISM

Mr Underhill says:

amazing in 2016 according to an article in Vanity Fair – Bill Gates was pushing a universal flu vaccine but that apparently did not put an emergency pandemic in play – with a pandemic, the fascist philanthropists leaders get to take our livelihoods away, throw the constitution under a bus, cancel the election you know you both (dems and reps) were losing and keep us from protesting the loss of democracy by shaming us into our homes – most blatant power play yet but how you expect to lead by fear and lies I just don't know – the world has never been a place that protects the old and infirm at the expense of it's children – that type of setup should not exist.

Real Sugar says:

Trump admin will suppress numbers until the levy breaks

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