White House Responds To Criticism From Obama On Coronavirus Response During Commencement | MSNBC

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Monica Alba reports from the White House on their response to former President Barack Obama’s comments during a commencement where he criticized the administration’s response to the coronavirus.» Subscribe to MSNBC: http://on.msnbc.com/SubscribeTomsnbc

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White House Responds To Criticism From Obama On Coronavirus Response During Commencement | MSNBC


Last Mohican says:

I still can't believe Trump is our president. What an embarrassment.

Anduril says:

Democracy is a nightmare and I now understand why Jefferson hated it.

The Scientist says:

Obama is genuinely missed by the majority of the American people.

Wallys Rc Addiction says:

Fake news…. by by fake news 😂🤣

Frances Gutierrez says:

Its true what President Obama said the thurth heard President Obama was a wonderful President he was n is a very sabe person.

WaterNate says:

I don’t care about these shouting matches between political parties. In the end, the scientists are the ones figuring out how to control the virus. Not sure why everyone feels the need to be upset at one another, waste of time.

Camille Regisford says:

Grossly incompetent,does trump knows what that means what he said about the greatest President ever.

Greg Hudson says:

Obama has a short or selective memory, he failed miserably when H1N1 swept the country.

Shep 919 says:

Jesus chill yall, obama was just saying congrats to the kids

ahoy037 says:

What a great job this president has done. Durham gonna bring the pain!

Blackpilled Saint says:

Trump better stop obstructing relief plans to American citizens before we vote socialists into office.

Carl Rygwelski says:

Who cares what Obummer thinks? He's old news, and he sucked at his job

douglas steele says:

trumps press secretary left out the part that trump dragged his feet for two and a half months while people were dying. now she is having memory problems. that's really sad. i mean look how young she is and already she is having to deal with having alzheimer's.

conte tomeck says:


Tinkercatnh says:

The current administrations response to the ccpV has been swift and accurate. It's too bad the so called experts were and still are wrong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsipYnIOJEM

Ric Di clemente says:

The world got better after you left office ! Me Pragmatic:

Steve Clarke says:

The most deaths are in the liberal cities. Liberal please explain

Leon van Rensburg says:

Go back to Kenya ………….you'll fit right in Obama

Fred M says:

If President Obama was in charge, the death toll would be bellow 20,000. And GOP would rush to crucify him for it.

Devil Dog says:

Soon Obama is going to be singing a different tune

Tim says:

30+ million are unemployed. Who the frack is getting Trump‘s "paycheck protection?“

mission man says:

Obama should be going to jail ! He’s got some nerve !!

wizaard says:

anyone else notice that clip of obama looks a lot like a deep fake?

Dirt Ball says:

Yeah I can see why his kenyan father traded little barry to a blonde woman in exchange for only one bottle of Malibu rum. He's an stupid unwanted community organizer who nobody can stand to be around. Plus he looks like a dried up tootsie roll now

Alexis Pheonix says:

Have you guys notice how Obama Doesn’t look that old The only thing changing over time is his Hair color .

Steve Clarke says:

Obbamy the first president who was a traitor

Chanel 584 says:

Going from President Obama to trump is like swapping a diamond for a rock.
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