We Bought A New House… It's Official **Empty Mansion Tour**

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Whatsup Ladiators! It’s Donlad! Today we officially bought our new house! I am so excited guys and can’t wait to bring you guys along with me. In this video, I give an empty house tour. I show you guys a tour of our 5,000 square foot house. This is an empty mansion tour. There is no furniture or artwork in the house yet because we just got it. I will be keeping you guys updated on the progress of the house. So make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss a thing.

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Hey guys, my name is Donald but everyone calls me DONLAD! Many of you might know me as The Richest Kid in America. Living my best life throughout California, and I want to bring you guys with me! On my channel, you will find me filming vlogs of my lifestyle, and some of the crazy things I have going on. Also, you will see some crazy challenges and pranks with my friends and special guests. My videos are family-friendly and great for people of all ages. I hope you guys enjoy what you find here. I wish that my videos make you guys smile and keep you happy through everything. I am so thankful for each and every single one of you, this wouldn’t be possible without you guys!


Jack Doherty says:

Donlad is CEO of never being in a house for more than half a year😂

Cameron Bradd Sporting channel says:

20 minutes in LA is like moving 2 miles away

Cardistry Wong says:

I love how his intro is about his mom

Anthony Martinez says:

Love the house donlad

Will Alexander Gaming says:

BRO why do u have windows in the shower cant people look at u threw it

Bro. Alienz says:


Takkan Saada says:

$12.0000 / money Donald .my mum news houser to my family of my best friends is people
Sawyer . S . Yes go looks my Brother in a
Holiday the Thinking for television is boys
Girls and food . Happy days thanks your From
My Best Friends Tahzeem Zahra Haider .? Women

Daniel R says:

You can be a real estate agent lol

Aishani Gupta says:

my new house is a little bit smaller than that. may 4,500 sq feet

Aishani Gupta says:

damn he is rich he could give away 1,000 weekly hahahahaj

Nicole B says:

Use our in your captions, not "are" 😂

Dev Patel says:

Some advice: You should show more of your personality (Every YouTuber with over 10 million subs shows off their personality and aren't bland). The audience likes YouTubers that are genuine. You should try to be more open with your fans and post your everyday life. The stuff you post right know is just boring.

Jet Shade says:

Dope new pad🔥🔥

Siddhen says:

0:30 to our

Madd Fox says:

Btw you’re not the richest kid in america u aint even in top 10

Sinadi says:

Cant wait till its all furnished

YouTube Clips says:

Anyone else notice that he said ‘our’ but wrote ‘are’???

lili film says:

don do more vlogs pls i love your vlogs ❤️

Bigboydragon says:

You can buy expensive paint for the wall for the movie room instead of a small movie screen. The wall painted with the special protector paint is bigger then any screen you will be able to find


Wow ur under 20 and u have a house wow btw keep up the good content

Paul Alberto Meza Rodriguez says:

You need stuff,you don't have nothing,clean house,what about giving some hearts and likes to a fan,bye,love you youtubers😀

Xam says:

Congrats to your family🥳

Jay Duc says:

Great views, like house tours before moving in, inspiration for decor and furniture choices. Congratulations on your new house!

ComptonKombi75 says:

No more San Diego?

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