Trump Declares 'Vaccine Or No Vaccine, We're Back,' As Coronavirus Deaths Approach 90,000 | MSNBC

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As states continued to reopen, President Donald Trump proclaimed, “I just want to make something clear, it’s very important. Vaccine or no vaccine, we’re back and we’re starting the process.” At the same time, the United States’ coronavirus death toll continues to rise, with different regions across the nation experiencing different curves.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Trump Declares ‘Vaccine Or No Vaccine, We’re Back,’ As Coronavirus Deaths Approach 90,000 | MSNBC


tyro244 says:

The more Trump wins, the more Americans die.

Greg Dore says:

if you want to stay home let other have a life

Max Schuitemaker says:

Trump knows the way. You guys should be watching fox.

MM says:

Courage before lock-in is the American way. Mm arr

H Y says:

Before Trump – USA; With Trump – DSA (Divided States of America), feel horrified for American people

lentruthbtold riv says:

My question, who is going to do anything about this? My answer, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

KashHelvetica says:

The aliens that were suppose to come in 2020 are shaking their heads at this life form.

James Christianson says:

Since they lump flu deaths in with CV deaths along with many other types of deaths as well….figure it out sheeple.

Kyng Renzie says:

Yeah so the flight to Canada for leveling tomorrow. Who’s coming

Christophe Breland says:

anyone else think its weird the way they say hyperbAlic its a long O not a short O for hyperbole hi-per-bowl-lee I'd think it would be the same with hyperbolic not hi-purr-bah-lick

nunya says:

This is a very difficult situation for Trump….that he, through inaction and playing politics, has created himself. He has no one else to blame.

Adalyn Rose Prescott says:

First it was slow the spread, flatten the curve and now it’s everyone’s life must destroyed and our civil liberties shred until we have a vaccination.

Gma K says:

Don't insult our intelligence! COVID-19 was and is in itself a political entity…stating a shame COVD19 has "become" political is rediculous and an insult to intelligence. It's and attempt at depopulation, oppresion and government control action, to control the voting and halt a free nation.

bwk says:

Shame on this Network, I will only play partial statements which severely takes it out of context.

Dal Niente says:

It is OUR LIVES AT RISK. It is OUR DECISION WHETHER “WE’RE BACK” or not. Not Trump’s. Screw your re-election…we care about human lives not your money and power!

Paula Fowler says:

LOL….are you guys not seeing that this is the ostrich style of government. The WH gong show.

Random Junk says:

All the trump supporters can go out, I'm staying in my house🖕

GridIRONization says:

Get me out of here!

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