Tom Brady getting high praise after winning 7th Super Bowl ring

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Tom Brady wins his 7th super bowl ring with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This time he did without Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots organisation. Tom Brady went out and recruited the players he believed could help him win another Super Bowl. This not only makes him a great player, but shows his understanding of the game at an executive general manager level. Players want to play with Tom Brady.

With Super Bowl 55 triumph, Tom Brady wins his seventh title and proves he’s still at the top. Brady won his seventh Super Bowl title Sunday night in what might be his most impressive performance yet. He’s 43, an age where his contemporaries are celebrating their gold Hall of Fame jackets, not new Super Bowl rings. He’s playing for a new team and in a new system with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and coach Bruce Arians. And yet, he ran heir apparent Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs straight into the ground with a 31-9 victory. Brady won his fifth Super Bowl MVP, with three touchdowns – that weeping sound you hear came from New England as two of them went to Rob Gronkowski – and a near-perfect QB rating of 125.8, and Buccaneers defensive coordinator Todd Bowles forced Mahomes and the Chiefs into their worst game ever.

The Buccaneers beat defending champions Kansas City 31-9 to give Brady his seventh ring in Super Bowl LV, meaning he now has more victories in the NFL’s showpiece event than any franchise in league history. The 43-year-old won his first six titles over almost two decades with the New England Patriots (2001, 2003, 2004, 2014, 2016, 2018) and it was a familiar connection that kicked off the Buccaneers’ scoring against the Chiefs. After getting sacked on Tampa Bay’s second drive of the day and watching the Chiefs open the game with a field goal, Brady steered his team down the other end and found fellow ex-Pat Rob Gronkowski for their 13th Super Bowl touchdown connection. The game was also played at Tampa Bay’s home ground, Raymond James Stadium, in front of a crowd of about 25,000 people, approximately 50 per cent of the arena’s capacity, due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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Northern Assassin says:

If Brady wins an 8th at 44 it certainly makes him greater.

Jacob Stone says:

As quaterback TB had to learn from Belichek and he has learned it well enough to go somewwhere Else and win. Now there are 2 Belicheks on the NFL. WHICH will win head to head.

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Jackie Singarella says:

Cool god job Brady love you btro

Daniel T says:

Brady would probably be won of the GREATEST gms of all time but I don’t think he could or would be better than belivhick

Edward Nevarez says:

Tom's a trader so is gronk he should of left when we had Jimmy but he didn't want Jimmy to replace him

James Nash says:

Hay Tom Brady Daily. Are you thee Tom Brady himself?

Jeff Saint says:

It was amazing that he won the super bowl again.

Jack Jones says:

Bucs play the patriots this year! Omg!

dash4800 says:

Belichick thought people would walk through fire for him. Then Brady left and everyone was like 'nah, fuck this, i'll opt out''. You didnt see 1 person opt out of the bucs because thats what Brady brings to the table. When they were down in the super bowl guys on the bench werent saying ''its ok we got the greatest coach of all time'', they were saying we got the GOAT, Brady on our team.

tony nelligan says:

what does 7 do for tom that 6 didn't? ask a billionaire what an extra billion does for him!

William Byers says:

Just a THEORY : Tom Brady has OCD. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and it's Contagious . He is Obsessed with being/doing/having " The BEST", and is Compulsive about WINNING. Think about it. CAM NEWTON is the PERFECT PROTOTYPE of the PERFECT QuarterBack in terms of Size, Strength, etc….There is NOTHING that TB12 does Physically that Cam cannot do. Same goes for 31 other QBs in the NFL, Most are more athletic than Tom. I don't think he's significantly more or less intelligent than any other specific NFL QB either, they are ALL Smart ( YOU try to memorize the 3 inch thick Playbook and know EVERYONE's JOB).
BUT to ignore family for 10 days before the SB to watch Tape and eat right etc…IS SPECIAL. Did Brees , Rogers or Mahomes study THAT much Tape. I doubt it. Did they work as Hard ? I Doubt it.
His obsessiveness has Infected the team and they are more disciplined, more Hungry and more eager to " DO IT RIGHT" by following Tom's Lead. I think BA said they had the Team but needed That one guy to show them how it's done. HE FOUND HIM> HE is an inspirational Leader and Ultimate competitor and a VERY BAD LOSER. ( Which I like )
TB12 Shows them how to win by being the Hardest Worker on the Team, the Most Disciplined, aTEAM Player who gives up $$$ for the Team ( and himself ) He's also very LUCKY ( See Gisele)
To work as hard as he does is way far from normal. He must be NUTZ, lol. NO other Explanation. And as they say, THE HARDER YOU WORK, THE LUCKIER YOU GET. #7 in the Bag, # 8 coming soon.

Erick Oro says:

As a Jet fan I hate this guy although even I know it was not New England or the coach who won those championships it was the man Brady!

Roman says:

nice clip collection of all the different shows, thanks for that, but dude please learn to set the volume of your clips equally, my headphones are close to exploding everytime u inserted a game clip because the volume is like 10 times louder than the rest of the video…

James Epler says:

Brady's magic is he actually loves his teammates. Be beautiful. Be obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ and love and serve others. In a nutshell, just be beautiful.

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