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The REAL Hero Of Avengers: Endgame No One Saw Coming

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Welcome back to Screenrant! It may seem a tad bit obvious here, but there will be MAJOR SPOILERS for Avengers Endgame — so if you haven’t seen it, tap that little pause button, bookmark the video, and come back when you’re ready!

Wow! That pretty much sums up our reaction of Endgame. Seeing all those heroes on the big screen together was incredible. Iron Man saves the day, Captain America wields the Mjolnir, and Thor braids his beard using lightning. While we got to see a collection of larger than life heroes, there’s one tiny hero who may deserve the most praise of all — and no we’re not talking about Ant-Man.

Despite half of all living things disappearing — cities like San Francisco were still dealing with some major rodent problems. Especially at the U-Store-It storage facilities where the Quantum Realm van must have been stored after all these years. About 20 minutes into the movie, our heroes get the real help we needed — from a rat of all things. The rodent crawls across the back of the van — hits a button and activates the quantum realm machine — bursting Scott Lang out of the realm and allowing our hero’s journey to begin.

But the use of the rat did raise a lot of questions — questions we provide answers to in this very video! Dive deeper than you ever thought about a five second clip of a rat activating a quantum realm machine! Learn how this rat may become more famous than Splinter or even Rizzo from the Muppets! Watch to learn about the REAL hero of the Avengers.

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