The Most Insane Triples Video Ever | Luan Oliveira, Carlos Ribeiro & JP Souza

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Luan Oliveira, Carlos Ribeiro, JP Souza, and a ledge: this is the recipe for the best video you’re going to watch today.

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The Berrics says:

Which trick was the craziest to do back to back to back? 👇

Ashleyhonululu Lettuse says:

this vid breathes board control

xibanyae says:

incredible controllllllllllllll all contenders of slides & grinds!!!!!!!! fodaseeeeee 😛 :p 😛

CarlosReisMusic says:

Caraio Carlos, além do mesmo nome tu tbm faz a mesma coisa qnd cai de frente no chão! Só na flek mlk doido! chorei de rir

Colin Hawks says:

3:52 a time stamp for my personal amusement 🤣

Charles Snyder says:

Please keep this going, at least monthly, these guys need a show!

jojo DUB says:

4:28 Wilhelm Scream?

Shane Russell says:

switch ledge just like that get licked

Brock Samson says:

JP looking like tiago lemos damn.

Bo J. says:

God I love Luan Oliveira

Shake N' BAKE says:

Nordberg yes!!!!!

Sergio Ambriz says:

Must be nice because Luan said so lol

Gabriel Cristino says:

Greetings from Brazil, what a satisfying video

rickslayer says:

Foi-se o tempo de Brasil futebol. Agora é a era do Skate

Pepeu BH says:

posso contar no dedo quantas vezes eu ja vi o luan no chão, o cara é o melhor

Cimar Umpierrez says:

first tryyy babyyyy

SADat4AM says:

gringo mexicano and ex con

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