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The Horrifying Texarkana Phantom Killer

A shadowy killer pushes a small town to the edge.

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Footprints of shoes in the sand
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White mask on a reflective surface. Light painting. Conceptual Nature
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Interior Of Vintage Car Dashboard
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Phantom killer’s slugs at Sheriff’s Office, 1952
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Classic car show
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City street and building at Butte, Montana, USA
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Head Silhouettes
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Oldsmobile in Havana, Cuba
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Wheat Grass Plains to camera
Kvarnen Tre Kronor mill in Stockholm, Sweden
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portrait of a stylish man in the city
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Senior man in suit, portrait
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Various city
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Multiple images of a man holding baseball bat
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Face Mask
syntika/Getty Imagesgh the blinds of a darkened room
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Band Time Baby!
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Farm Scene Black silhouette with Buildings,Windmill, Trees and Tractor
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A gang of hoodies fighting
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Gentle Art of Queuing
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Texas, 1888, Texarkana, Bird’s Eye View
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Portrait of serious teenage girl (16-17)
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Studio portrait of young woman smiling
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Young woman dances with her saxophone.
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Youth brandishing a gun, London 2008
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Background of earth and dirt
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Serious policeman standing with arms crossed
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Teenage couple sitting in a car looking at each other
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A sign that reads ?Texarkana City Limit?
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Smiling young woman
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Young man and girl holding books
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Portrait of a man
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Violent policeman interrogating criminal about drugs
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Vintage Car Parked on the Street at Night.
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Young musicians rehearsing in garage
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Senior businessman leaving his hotel apartment
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Passing Six Shooter Gun On Table
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4K slow motion establishing shot of rain falling on pavement.
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Slow motion foam wave on the beach
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Shooting a handgun,real time,isolated,studio lighting
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Detective searching links between crimes on board with red string, connection
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Detective conducting evidence examination, measuring and writing bullet caliber
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handyman removing the dead bolt
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Dark glass wall explosion. Bullet exploding a glass pane
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Man bolting an old sliding lock.
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Female legs . Women Running In High Heels
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Pneumovax vaccination
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Man walking towards light at night
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BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 1951: Community members gather and leave outside of church.
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Cheering Crowd Silhouettes With Alpha
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HD: Violence Against The Homeless
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1958 – Wild 1950’s Kids Riding Trailer Eating Of Roofs
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SLOW MOTION: Car drives off really fast
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Old Cars Driving Down The Highway-1940 Vintage 8mm film
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Calendar month showing days being crossed off
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Man shooting with gun
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WS Traffic passing through downtown intersection as clouds move overhead/ Pipestone, Minnesota
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