The Herd Live | Nick Wright "Tom Brady Has 3 Distinct First Ballot Hall-of-Fame Careers" | 2-8-21

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Nick Wright fills in for Colin Cowherd and discusses Tom Brady winning his 7th Super Bowl and 5th Super Bowl MVP as the Buccaneers defeat the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV and how Tom Brady now has 3 distinct Hall of Fame careers.

Tom Brady’s Troy Aikman Phase: 6:34
Tom Brady’s Dan Marino Phase: 7:14
Tom Brady’s Joe Montana Phase: 8:06

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JG Clips says:

Tom Brady's Troy Aikman Phase: 6:34

Tom Brady's Dan Marino Phase: 7:14

Tom Brady's Joe Montana Phase: 8:06

Asaph King says:

Joy is fine

Kevin Schart says:

this might be the most interesting sports take i've ever seen

Sam Knobeloch says:

The first two phases of Tom Brady's career should go ahead and be inducted into the Hall of Fame

Chesscom Support says:

Dude has had a HOF career since becoming the GOAT.

Ben L says:

I love this lol. Suck on this you TB hater.

seriously??? says:

Brady is the 4th most winning person in the NFL at their respective position. Shula 328, Halas 318, Belichick 280, Brady 264, Landry 250, Lambeau 226, Reid 221, Schottenheimer and P Manning 200. Of this list Brady is the only one averaging +11 wins per season at 13.8. (postseason included). Likely Tampa might draft Asante Samuels Jr this year who is the son of Asante Samuels who was drafted by the Patriots in 2003. Calvin Johnson went to college, the NFL and elected to Hall of Fame after Brady won his 2nd Ring and before he won his 7th.

Real Facts says:

Joy brought them things out for Nick.

LTirishkeg says:

I hate it when sports commentators talk about there bets. Man Nick Wright is POS. How HOW HOW!!! Did this guy get on TV. He absolutely sucks as a commentator.

Mac One says:

Next year this clown will be trash talking Brady as he always does.

Ron Pickens says:

Nick, that’s quite a tribute to a guy you dislike. I think your a closet Brady fan.

Steve p says:

505 yards in a lose is crazy.. That's about how much Mahomes ran from the Bucs Defense.

wakawaka1976 says:

The NFL is too woke to vote TB12 in first ballot.

Wishing B says:

Watching this one again a few months out. This is pretty brilliant. The Aikman, Marino, and Montana phases are really excellent comparisons.

Spencer Presley says:

Wtf has happened with joy bruh.

Luv2Ruck says:

Tom Brady is the most overrated player in sports history. None of you people watch the games. And it shows

Judilyn Travis says:

Well, this is something I never thought I'd hear.
How's that humble pie Nick?

KCO Reptiles says:

Who would have guessed, the best brady take ever would be given by Nick Wright.

Peter Sydow says:

Nick wrong is stealing money with his stupid tskes

Alex Jimenez says:

Respect to Nick for admitting his wrong.

Alex Jimenez says:

Nick’s face when she said TB was the goat. His face was like I hate to admit but it’s the truth.

We Love Libraries says:

No one in America cares what either of these two thinks – but I LOVE THE WAY the chick keeps tossing her hair away from her cleavage 🤣🤣🤣 She’s very #woke

James Gabriel says:

Just here 4 Joy's Brest's 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄!! 🍅 🍅

Otis Youngblood says:

Joi is next level beautiful

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