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We made 2 amazing gold color mermaid tails for Penelope Cruz for a commercial spot with Costa Cruceros. Check out full commercial here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrZVpQ3w2Gc

In this video, I show you step by step the production process that was made in about 2 weeks for this rush order.

For more details or to order your silicone mermaid tail, email: marielle@aquamermaid.com and we will send you a detailed quote.
My name is:
Shipping address:
Phone number:
My Mermaid tail design:

Your choice of 3 colors:
Fluke size: Basic, Medium, Large, XL Large
Fluke contour finishing: Smooth, Large dented tips
Extra colors or special patterns/designs:
Extra fins: 3 pairs of small side teeth, pair of dragon wings, dorsal
Athletic top: Yes or No
Monofin: Aquamermaid Standard (6-9 women shoe) or Large (6-13 women shoe)
Waist cut: straight or V-shaped
Any special request: fins Fringed tips contour, finishing: matte, shine gloss, iridescent, airbrush designs, extra colors… read more