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Today we said goodbye to our beautiful home. The first home we ever owned as a family. But with every door that closes, a new one opens.. Here is our official empty new house tour!

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kpop says:

This house is really cool and cute

Jasmine-kay says:

How many bedrooms are in ur house xx

Aileen Orr says:

It will be ok and u will make so many new memories

Julie patton says:

I absolutely love your new house. Cannot wait put new adventures in your new house. With Isabelle Esme Isla and Jace & sweet baby girl Ingham.

Ellie Spragg says:

Sad when a chapter ends but a beautiful new one is beginning, and this house is even bigger and better! The one you’ll bring your new baby girl home to 💕 enjoy every minute guys

Bellasorella says:

Congratulations on your new home it’s stunning

Lola Woodall says:

Wow that house is amazing

RetroFN_ NEON says:

Just subbed sorry for the late sub lol

iiCoco says:

omg the house is stunning!!!! enjoy!🤍🤍

hannah hackett says:

Is prinny died

Leila A says:

OMG UR HOUSE IS STUNNING!!! I want it 🥰😍😅😃💕

Grace Evans says:

I’m so happy for you all. ❤️❤️

DIANE Quelch says:

I was born in Bradford so hello

Zoe DAVIES says:

Why am I crying it isn't my house! That house has brought so many memories and not only have and I many others enjoyed watching them you now can watch over them in your brand new home where many more memories can be made! Wishing the best for the new chapter Love you all so much xx

It’s me Isla says:

your new house is beautiful! 💗

ellabennoda says:

and i thought my room was big jeez!!

Lillie Clarke says:

The house is absolutely stunning guys, so much room for the kids x

lola king says:

wow. oh my gosh. you guys deserve this so much.

Imogen Marsland says:

So just a slight upgrade then…

This house is gorgeous!!!

Lost_illusion 3 says:

I love how isla grabbed Jace, so he didn't hurt himself 🥺🥺

Eloise Vlogs says:

When Sarah cried I started crying because at the time that they have lived in that house I have been watching them and I was a part of their family, I may not be as emotional at they are but 🙁

Rebecca Sams says:

Why am I 1:42 into the video and crying lol. I’m so happy for just guys and seeing how excited the girls were and how excited you were has made me really emotional! 💕 congratulations to you all, your forever home is so beautiful 💕 xxx

Eleanor Huthart says:

When will the girls fidget shop be done? X

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