Still No Leadership From Trump Officials On Fighting Coronavirus | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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With U.S. deaths from the coronavirus pandemic nearing the grim milestone of 100,000, there is still very little guidance and leadership coming from Trump administration officials. Dr. Kavita Patel reacts. Aired on 05/26/2020.
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Still No Leadership From Trump Officials On Fighting Coronavirus | The 11th Hour | MSNBC



Amari Lashai ♡ says:

Father Barack would never ☠️

Robert Docholliday66 Sadler says:

Idiots at msnbc must be dumb azzes to not understand that most of Americans are not scared anymore and the reason the deaths are maybe close 100k is that most liberal governors are to blame putting positive case senior back into senior care facilites.

Plus these numbers have been fixed upwards having people who died from other issues and classifying them as covid cases.
Msnbc such a libertard news agency

Raleigh Ratliff says:

Why do we continue to put up with the incompetence and total disregard for our country's laws by this administration. It is sad to see how quickly this bunch of clowns have destroyed the progress and credibility that we worked so hard over the years to achieve.

Dirk Sichel says:

Propaganda continues as Main Stream media (MSNBC here) hypes fear and attacks the President without basis.

Boris Shevchenco says:

If Trump himself developed the cure for covid19, the democrats would still say he deliberately killed people for not coming out with it sooner. This, of course, would be trumpeted by the likes of MSNBC and the other purported media outlets of similar ilk. Meanwhile, uncle Joe can't remember that he had Cheerios for breakfast, and the democrats with their lap dog media, can't stop singing his praises. Listen to the science… Biden appears to be suffering from the onset of dementia. That's scary. What's even scarier is, there are people that actually think he's capable of being the next president.

Doug Thomson says:

Welcome to a psychopath’s vision of reality.

dublsrz says:

The people have list confidence in the president so every man is for himself now.

Abel Aguirre says:

Lmao again trying to blame on ONLY trump


You guys are the worst FAKE NEWS MEDIA on the planet!
Watch "600 Physicians Scream At Trump “We’re Having a MASS Casualty Incident, But Not Because of COVID…”" on YouTube
Watch "CDC Throws Its Hat In With “Covid’s Just a Bad Flu” Estimates MUCH LOWER Fatality Rate!!" on YouTube

John Sobon says:

msnbc go swollow your self you commie jerks

W W says:

You either have to believe that this is an example of complete and utter incompetence OR this is one of the most sadistic, intentional actions which are attacking this country.

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