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he’s taken 10 lessons on duolingo… ya this one was a frustrating one
I MAY COME OFF A LITTLE AGGRESSIVE IN THIS VIDEO but hear me out, this video is only 20 minutes of the full day of trying to communicate with someone who doesn’t understand me at all, it got frustrating LOL

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make sure you stick around for the mini Japanese lesson I included in this video. i also think that if you watch it enough, you’ll learn a little bit of Japanese–certainly you’ll learn the word for “coffee” hahahaah. you’ll also get a tutorial on how to cook omurice. not the fancy kind that the egg oozes over, but the simple kind you can make from home.

if you haven’t seen the previous video where my boyfriend Kevin speaks only Chinese for 24 hours, click here: https://youtu.be/zXAVcxM1iVY
both videos are inspired by MissMangoButt (Stephanie Soo) here on youtube who did this with her fiance, so make sure to check those out after you’ve watched ours! she does speaking only korean with her fiance and her fiance speaks only chinese with her, super funny, highly recommend

also if you’re wondering, i attended japanese school on saturdays growing up so that’s where i learned how to speak fluently (also from my mom and family and stuff) if you’ve been wanting to learn a new language, take this as a sign to sign up for duolingo now and start! because why not!

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instagram: @ninaznikki
camera: canon m6 11-22mm


Jeniece Wong says:

i think i only know how to write this:


Genevieve McCarthy says:

I also loved the explanation

Genevieve McCarthy says:

Most fun Youtube video literally ever haha I couldn't stop laughing they're so cute

Haruka Sase says:


•Katsuki Bakugo• says:

Oi, you said "Yes" you were supposed to say "Hai"

Victoria Rosa says:

I know some Japanese (I know over 300+ words!! almost 400!!) I feel like this helped me kinda understand it better (like a person saying it instead of a computer lol)

二宮健一 says:


Siti Hajar says:

Watashi wa nihongo ga daisukidesu!!
I'm just trying….

akizawaです。 says:


Ben L says:

"How do you say stop?"

HUE Master says:

He actually is huge Advantage coming into this because a lot of the characters in a lot of the words that japanese use are Chinese derived words

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