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RED NOTICE | Official Trailer | Netflix

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It’s the PRO vs. the CONS

An Interpol-issued Red Notice is a global alert to hunt and capture the world’s most wanted. But when a daring heist brings together the FBI’s top profiler (Johnson) and two rival criminals (Gadot, Reynolds), there’s no telling what will happen.

Watch Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot in RED NOTICE, on Netflix November 12:


About Netflix:
Netflix is the world’s leading streaming entertainment service with over 209 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.

RED NOTICE | Official Trailer | Netflix


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Danno GNR88 says:

I think I'm developing a serious but healthy man crush on Ryan Reynolds

MrJuls13 says:

this woman is portrayed in such an overbearing way. She ruins the movie. just disgusting such women because you only get aggression. Please do not include more women in such films as leading actors. It's like in business, the quota has to be reached, it doesn't matter what the quality or quantity looks like. Remember this….

Wabanaki [Dawnland People] Mi'kmaw Indian Shaman says:

Oh man, this was a great movie. Just some great fun, not to be taken to serious but at the same time with some intelligence. Grade A plus acting all the way around too of course, with this bunch. Amazing actors, all three of them. I swear actors are getting better and better these days. The comedy from Ryan as always, top notch deliveries. This movie belongs in anyone's collection. No one should miss it, in the very least.

Benjamin Garvey says:

RED NOTICE 2: Day 1 of Production:
Ryan: Where's my script?
Director: HA, PERFECT – keep them comin. Don't mind the camera man following you around all day.

fastdak25 says:

a "meme movie" ok, just made that term up cause all i saw in this trailer were memes. looks like a fun watch, may check it out.

blast says:

Movie was straight 💩

Fresh boy says:

It will be very helpful if netflix could post the full movie on YouTube it would surely get millions of views and alit of attention so u should do it

Barry Stjohn says:

Cannot Wait till this come out on Blu-ray

キチ座衛門 says:


James2009 says:

Netflix why did you remove the film detective pikachu on your app? It's gone. I really like that film

Aishwarya says:

Just wasted my 2 hours yesterday night and received a lesson to not to compromise my beauty sleep and also not to watch a movie with good starcast coming up with something so basic. And why would you misuse someone to that extent yea I guess a thief would, Ryan was so good to him especially when he was coming to save him in the end meanwhile Dwayne was protecting him only because he wanted to know the location of the third egg and left him only to be caught by the police instead of at least freeing him. I really don't like shady characters like Gal and Dwayne were in this movie so for me this was 👎

Ghamri Ghamri says:

Family movie pls 🥺

Howard Davidson says:

Netflix State certain movies and series in Atmos sound yet is not available in Atmos.I can get it in a few movies and some series,I have tested all my AV settings on my Denon and the EARC It’s fine otherwise I wouldn’t receive any in Atmos but only a small percentage actually work in Atmos ? Not a novice at this have, I have explored every possible aspect and have every aspect covered in top quality equipment.

SmellTheL says:

This movie was so good

Sheila Atieno says:

Whats wrong with ryan he cant keep his mouth shut about the rock being an fbi😂😂

Asif Hossain says:

okay I have seen this movie right now, thanks for the trailer LOL

Nokushikuze says:

idk bout yall but this movie is hella great

yum says:

Greatest plot twist of all time

MO MA says:

1h30 (out of 2 hours) in the show and suddenly the police arrive (even if it's not in their juridiction) and they start shooting … you might ask, yeah so what? well the problem is they were in a place full of antiques that are most likely more valuable than those shitty eggs … i just hopped it happened sooner cz i just lost 1 hour 30 minute on this shxt

That Confused Genius says:

Am I the only one who could predict the plot twists before they were coming… They made the movie way too predictable

Daniel Pagcu says:

It's a good movie. However, too many plot twist ruined the movie.

Tesla says:

Wow the plotting of the movie is just Wow. For some directors and writers, they changed the game. And thanks to them, we have the opportunity to enjoy a brand new gen plot movies ❤️❤️❤️

David Koblentz says:

the cast elevates this compaction of other movies…. is it original ? no. is it fun, well made and entertaining ? yes. It's like Free Guy without the blue shirt, and the chick from King of the Fighters, and blue shirt macho guy is in it, and so is wonder woman… but somehow, even as derivative as it is… it's enjoyable.

Purple dalton and brianna GC says:

Can you steam this to different apps

Live Truth Daily says:

More Tell A Vision Programming for you to be Enter-tained by…. The wordage is very intentional. That's just a small sample.

KID Z4P says:

What I wouldn’t give to see Ryan Reynolds star in a live action Lupin III movie.

Uber 123 says:

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