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Pete Davidson Addresses Age Gap With Girlfriend Kate Beckinsale

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The 25-year-old comedian opened up for the first time about his relationship with the 45-year-old actress.

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David Shankle says:

I have to agree she is very beautiful and very charming and do not see her with a guy like that don't get me wrong I'm sure hes a nice guy but in my opinion she could do a lot lot better than that guy. It just goes to show you what people can be attracted to she's top shelf he is not in my book. But certainly not a bad guy and how people look together is important as well as how they Connect with each other.

Ssr says:

Now with Kim…. Still big age gap…this guy had dated soo many people

J. King says:

This dude is constantly outkicking his coverage…. a inspiration tbh

Christopher Rubio says:

Man I can't stand that dude

itsyugiohhoe says:

I’m just pissed that a guy that looks like that pulled a babe like her

daghrb6 says:

I do not get the charm of Pete.
Hes not hirtorically funny, not rich, pasty white, slinny, ugly, horse teeth, drug problems, ugly tatooes, and in general except all that he is a 4/10..

I think the wen in the lime light just dates the guys that are popular at the te to get media exposure. That's the celebrity equivilant of gold digging. Everone has money so instead It's a battle of how to stay current and be in tabloids…

Popcorn says:

He only dated AG for 5 months I thought they were together for years

elton john cantuba says:

r u guys sure shes forty fucking 5.??

J B says:

Who cares about age difference as long as everyone is 25 or older? Younger than that looks like children to me. Honestly, more women should date younger.

Hello It is Me says:

Kate looks really old nowadays.

Devin Harbert says:

If I was Pete Davison I wouldn't care bout the age difference between Beckinsale I would just happy to be with Kate Beckinsale LOL

Kaiser Chaoui says:

He looks like a cigarette who’s alive

FAA says:

She's hot as hell I'm not exaggerating

UnluckyGambler says:

he is THE chad, after all.

David Dunmer says:

What the fuck? She could've done so soo much better than this fool

Young King says:

So she’s 45 going out with 21 year olds , and y’all are mad at R.Kelly . Mhmm 🤔

Shadow Hunter says:

It wont last long

Shadow Hunter says:

A good actor can act in real life being funny is pretending

Shadow Hunter says:

Pity that young man is just playing her using her fir a reason

mak p says:

so i have a chance?

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