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Penelope Cruz on Ellen – Can she Name Those Lips ?

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Carolina says:

Kinda weird because she dated Tom and Matthew hahaha

Kirti Ajmera says:

Dark dreamers Americans Tom cruise

Imperfect Artist says:

She's champion of this game ❤️❤️🔥🔥

insidiouslyfanatic says:

Johnny Depp and Penélope cruz have an awesome chemistry and considering their first film (Blow), I would have been surprised if she wouldn't had told it right away…..;)

Roshi Yousefi says:

Penelope has a sense of humour, but not Ellen's thrashing belittling humour…
At first I didn't like her very much, but P has shown so much determination in her work and a lot of respect for her colleagues, now I think very differently of her.

Adam B. says:

She doesn't seem to be having much fun

Louis Glanz says:

Penelope forever !! 💥

Юля Тен says:

She kissed some fine men and one finest woman

Gabriel Cota says:

Penelope is so gorgeous…

Canal Michael Jackson. says:

Johnny was easy to recognize.

Ana Del says:

I scored all. Didn't kiss any of them. 🥺

Gvantsa Sakaruli says:

Obviously Johnny Depp was coolest ever!!!

Awkward Anya says:

Was I the only one who knew that it was Tom Cruise's lips?

hass ss says:

What u Lips

Krista Roman says:

It was kinda awkward and she was so serious saying Tom and Matthew

Can Güner says:

She is so beautiful

J S says:

I guessed all of them correct and i am a guy. SAD

Reyvan Bueno says:

Where's Paul Walker?

Ali Anselmo says:

She kissed all of them???? Wtf! That's life I'm talking about!!!

L says:

I guessed them all right where's my trophy?

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