Pandemic Expert On The Dangers Of Rushing A COVID-19 Vaccine | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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Dr. Irwin Redlener joins to discuss the realities about the quick timeline coming from Trump officials on when a coronavirus vaccine may be available. Aired on 05/22/2020.
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Pandemic Expert On The Dangers Of Rushing A COVID-19 Vaccine | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Ajile Branch says:

If anyone takes any vaccine generated by this 'administration'…

Steven Phillips says:

War hero here folks oh my bad he fake it all

Holy Field says:

Watch this SkyNews documentary and learn about the international perspective on the crisis in the US.

jay jay says:

Don't rush

seven head says:

Don't act like rushing a vaccine isn't what this whole thing is all about. What a scam.

Jay Gibson says:

Elections are too important to allow voters to be involved.

Know Thanks says:

I was in a helicopter that was under fire but not really.
~Brian Williams

MVVpro says:

Let's do what they did in every Planet of the Apes or other doomsday movie ever and create a vaccine that could wipe out humanity, just to get Trump reelected.

Miriam Kling says:

Places of worship are a breeding ground for the coronavirus.we can worship God at home until it is safe to worship God in the churches.

Bud Fudlacker says:

Dementia Joe is pretty much finished it can only get worse! It is elder abuse putting him out in public and on TV anyway, let alone being sick enough to back a 78 year old guy with dementia!

Ro G says:

News: Almost every state is re-opening to some degree this holiday weekend.
Experts: This is not going to end well.
t'rump supporters: Shut up, Science! You can't take away our freedom!
Coronavirus: *smokes a bowl* Let's eat!

Bono Budju says:

Trump supporters please follow Trumps advice including medical advice, what have you got to lose.

David J says:

Dr. Fauci is the person you call when you need help effectively dealing with a pandemic outbreak. Trump is the person you call when you want to know how to bankrupt multiple casinos, blow through a billion dollars in just 10 years, or set up a fake university and a fake charity foundation, or lie like it's your job, or launder money with the Russians, or how to be a twitter troll, or how to be a 5exual predator, or how to cause the needless deaths of tens of thousands of people.

Any questions?

David J says:

Trump is trying to pull a Jonestown on his cult with hydroxychloroquine.  This is how Jim Jones got his cult to drink cyanide laced punch.

Jim Jones: "Just drink it. If things don't go as planned, it's not going to ki// anybody THAT bad. It will be so wonderful, it will be so tremendously beautiful. It will be like a gift from heaven. Try it….Just drink it."

vsboy 25 says:

Trump is responsible for the vaccine

ILove Privacy says:

I wonder if Fauci's reasoning that it's better to tell a half-truth ("it's conceivable…") than to be silenced and prevented from telling any truth at all.

Junz says:

Blame the elected Republicans that acquitted during impeachment.

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