Interpretación de esta hermosa Canción de Evaluna Montaner, en la voz de Desi Medina, grabado por el equipo de Studio 35 de Monterrey (+52 811 322 6359) ¿Ya te suscribiste?
This is The All-Electric 2023 New Cadillac Lyriq – a Premium Luxury American Brand Specification & Price #teknomob #lyriq #cadillaclyriq Not only is Lyriq a brand-new nameplate for the American luxury brand, it’s also Cadillac’s [More]
I felt like putting a Beat on it Enjoy 🙂
Doggo Dances Episode One. I’ll Be Okay by Why Don’t We. I make this videos for fun, not money so I don’t mind if ad revenue gets turned off :).
This is a SPOILER HEAVY Review for Episode 6 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney Plus. Today we do a Spoiler Review and Explain the madness of the Ending of that sixth [More]
John Walker Becomes U.S. Agent – 1×06 The Falcon and the Winter Soldier | Marvel Scenes
#TFATWS #TheFalconAndTheWinterSoldier #Disney+ ☆ More than a symbol ☆ Watch the episode 6 of Marvel Studios’ “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier” NOW! Let us know what you think about it in the comments down [More]
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In today’s video we are reacting Chiefs vs. Buccaneers | Super Bowl LV Game Official Video Link: Follow Us on Instagram:) COUPLES PAGE:…​… RICKEY:…​… NEAC:…​… Business inquires: #rannation​​​​​​​​​​ #thesuggsfamily​​​​​​​​​​ #superbowl
Twins Toy Trick Shots (Shorts) | Dude Perfect Shorts SUBSCRIBE Everything you love about Dude Perfect.. Plus, Shorts even more! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE for more behind the scenes, bloopers, shorts and bonus content! ► [More]
TY QUITS DUDE PERFECT OVER A TOY? – Dude Perfect Shorts #dudeperfectshort #short #dudeperfect
[ENG] This video is the upload of a MPEG-TS video of the weeknd halftime show, which was rescaled to 4k keeping the best possible quality, I was curious to upload it because the official video [More]
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It’s Ama Bridge Watch me speak Chinese in Ghana, West Africa.
Time for more SPEAKING Only GERMAN to my American wife for 24 hours!! We are trying this out again and this time Deana has a little more German under her belt. 🙂 If you guys [More]
Finally finished editing. A video of me speaking Japanese to my friends and family and their testimonies. Song used: けm SURF – Take Care FAQ: – 📷 camera: Samsung A8 Plus – 🎬 editing: iMovie [More]
Hello guys welcome to a new video i apologize becuas didn’t upload This is a Minecraft, But! challenge where sheep can drop overpowered gear, like Enchanted Netherite armor and tools with protection 5, power 5, [More]
Wheat drop op items mod for Minecraft pocket edition | Minecraft but wheat drop op item mod MINECRAFT WHEAT DROP OP ITEM MOD FOR MINECRAFT POCKET EDITION HOW TO DOWNLOAD WHEAT DROPS OP MOD FOR [More]
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SPIN THE BATTLE CHALLENGE | SS-AA Vlog Girl’s Hi Everyone!🤗 This vlog is about Spin the Battle Challenge| SS-AA Vlog Girl’s. Hope you guys enjoy it and thanks for watching guys.💗 Please don’t forget to [More]
#UnoMásUno #EvalunaMontaner #UnoMásUnoCover Amo esta canción. Su melodía, su letra, su magia. Lo que desprende y donde me lleva. Espero que os guste. Un abrazo gigante! Mis redes sociales:
KAORI MIYAZONO ANIME: SHIGATSU WA KIMI NO USO gran anime en especial para aquellas personas que les gusta las historias románticas y tristes.
Bienvenidos a tu episodio de #LaData​. Aquí te compartiremos toda la data que está detrás de tus canciones favoritas. En este episodio te explicamos la historia de la canción #UnoMasUno de #EvalunaMontaner. SUSCRIBETE A NUESTRO [More]
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Cover “Evaluna Montaner – Uno más uno” Productora: DT Producciones Dirección: Nicolas Adrién 1er cámara: Nicolas Adrién 2da cámara: Nicolas Alvarez 3er cámara: Fernanda Reverdito Teclado y mezcla de audio: Santiago Vodanovich Agradecimientos especiales: Salón [More]
⏱️TIMESTAMPS⏱️ 0:00 Exterior – Interior 4:42 Driving 7:45 Powering 11:36 Deliver 2022 Cadillac LYRIQ Walkaround – Ready To Fight Tesla Model X ! General Motor’s luxury automotive manufacturer, Cadillac, releases the all-new ‘Lyriq,’ a crossover [More]
Timothée Chalamet stars as Edgar, the son of Edward Scissorhands, and Winona Ryder reprises her role as Kim Boggs. Watch as the all-electric Cadillac LYRIQ helps Edgar take the wheel with a high-tech helping hand. [More]
This is our first look at the production version of Cadillac’s all-electric Lyriq luxury SUV. It features rear-wheel drive, 340 hp and a range in excess of 300 miles, with AWD and performance versions to [More]
2022 Cadillac LYRIQ is shown in production form as all new full electric SUV from Cadillac with price starts from $59,990 and sales start in 2023. #Cadillac #CadillacLYRIQ