NRG Fortnite Pros Rate your Most Insane Clips

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Check out our latest video where Clix, Ron, and Epik sat down and RATED your Fortnite Clips… If you enjoy the video; please give a like, comment, and most importantly SUBSCRIBE for more content!



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NRG Fortnite Pros Rate your Most Insane Clips

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luke says:

Ron you really gotta do OCE like that

kenjue says:

Ain’t no way the last clip a 10 to epik 🤦‍♂️

pURe_ tARo says:

Why does everyone underestimate Oceania servers?

Kurenayyy 2 acc says:

Videos where they just full troll are so boring they should actually rate that shit i like the joking but not perma

L Hutto says:

"if its on oce its a 1" oce has the sweatiest servers out of all

Johan Martinez says:

The last clip is 0/10 he literally kept editing the same thing

Mystix_FN says:

Alternative Title: We Felt Bad For The Console Kid So Let Him Win

tr0llin says:

Rob SauWay was to beast😈😈 5:35

Unknown Lee says:

Do a part 2

ChaseOCE says:

Nrg are so mean to there fans

Connor McManus says:

very ironic ron calling every clip ass when he hasnt made heats or hit a clip in like 4 seasons

Oscar Serna says:

These guys are so annoying lol

DatGuy PJ says:

Yeah theses kids are bots that are rating shit

KZX Editz says:

Can you guys rate my clips if you do another one of these videos?

DripY says:

you should have used some of their old clips and see what they rate them.

Drunkwizard says:

The first clip was bad because it wasn't recent

shadow_jasmex says:

ron cant do anything in these clips lmao

r0bertaholic says:

This group has so much damn potential and you waste it all buy making cringe ass repetitive fortnite videos

Kelvin Celso says:

With so many good clips on Twitter these are the ones you chose?

Mission Shorts says:

These videos are incredibly unrealistic and uninformative

Am_on_pluto says:

They did him dirty on 1:23 😂

Sano Shadow☠️❤️ says:

Doesn’t nrg sound like the word energy

ItzVale says:

the audio is a piece of shit

Comixcs FN says:

You should bring benjyfishy next time

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