North Carolina Sees Highest One-Day Spike In Coronavirus Cases | MSNBC

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North Carolina reported more than 1100 new cases on Saturday, a single day record for the state. Aired on 5/25/2020.
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North Carolina Sees Highest One-Day Spike In Coronavirus Cases | MSNBC


alexp247365 says:

so tiring – file for bankruptcy already.

joma Huntington says:

– eases restrictions and cases start spiking again- it's even funnier a second time!

johnnymcblaze says:

Why arent deaths in india in the tens of millions?

Zebert Brown says:

Granted, more testing will likely mean more positive cases, but that juat means alot if people (in NC) have been exposed to COVID-19. And if the state had over 1,000 cases in a single day and wide spread testing helped discover those who are positive for the virus, how many more people are out there walking around as carriers of hte virus who have yet to be tested?

Rainbow Flair says:

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Don says:

The News skank with a mask sounds like a duck!

alberto cabrera says:

I live in Charlotte and I am not surprised at these numbers. Not at all. Sorry, people are idiots and selfish. People didn't respect the stay at home or social distancing rules before, what makes the state think they are doing to do it now. I saw my fav restaurants open and packed on top of each other. No one respecting the distance or face mask rule. The Governor said no bars are to be open, ummm most of the bars in Charlotte are restaurants. Good grief.

This is how we lose our freedoms. Not because we listen to rules its because we break them forcing government to take stronger measures. If everyone actually did what they were asked to do in the first place, Charlotte would have open a month ago.

Jacob Tant says:

Why is she wearing a mask?? There's noone around.

l Jones says:

I know what is causing the uptick. I live in WS, NC and went to the big box home store this morning. There was less than 25% of people wearing face coverings. They all believe the POTUS that it is a hoax that doesn't exist. We also have the Fox idiots calling for more relaxing of the restrictions quicker. The result 4 or 5 weeks from now is going to be scary.

Gary Nelson says:

The press will do anything to destroy Trump. There’s no way anyone could test that many people in one day. Remember how few tests there are?

Chris - Sol Mon says:

The survival rate is roughly 95%.

Neal Hyde says:

MSNBC is crap for morons. What MSNBC doesn't tell you that it's related to the increase in testing, NOT the end of lockdown.

Alexander Maffucci says:

Phase 2 lol. They wish they had this much authority

XoXAngieXoX says:

This virus could be something the Chinese government started. I mean, look at the facts, this virus can't just appear out of nowhere, it had to of come from somewhere. I don't enforce my opinion on anyone though. It's just something I have been wondering about, Mainly because the governments and higher-ups have been talking about overpopulation, and with as many deaths as there are, this could have been their way to control the population, maybe it just got out of hand.
This quarantine is really messing with my brain.

Mark Jones says:

Run for your lives!! We're all going to die!!! The sky is falling!! The sky is falling!!! MSNBC sucks.

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