Michael Cohen Leaves Prison As Coronavirus Spreads Behind Bars | All In | MSNBC

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Chris Hayes: “If Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort can get a bit of grace during this pandemic, there are a lot of others, like Anthony Swain, who should, too.” Aired on 05/21/2020.
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Michael Cohen Leaves Prison As Coronavirus Spreads Behind Bars | All In | MSNBC


Leslie Ortz says:

Bunch of disgusting criminals!

Tara Doring says:

Good luck Michael. Stay safe.

Sean L says:

Hey MSNBC, when you will be covering the other 15,000+ inmates that have been released in a similar way because of the virus outbreak? Apparently, from the comments here, your audience has no freaking clue this is occurring.

Rocky says:

Why don't these guys even go to prison immediately? Still have weeks and months to say their goodbyes

Rob Dim says:

Whats the point of courts if a trumpanzy criminal can just override like a dictator!

jen monami says:

There u go…Trump is so corrupted. General attorney is a crook.

joshua traman says:

obamagang will fill the prison cell soon……. report it traitor !!!!!!

Cindee K says:


Dusan Mandic says:

Arkansas may 12 releases 300 inmates.
California may 15 releases 300 inmates.
Colorado april 13 releases 52 prisoners early.
Connecticut 727 inmares released between march and april
Hawaii since march has released 2,811 inmates since march
Illinois released over 4,000 inmates since march.

Thats half of the list. Took all of 30 seconds to find but of course we can't expect research and reliable news from left platforms now can we? No they want specific people out they dont care about your common man, prisoners or no.

Nicholas Bruner says:

You dress like Maddow.

Wayne Waterman says:

Cohen and Manafort should remain locked up. Both were incarcerated for the crimes they committed. Cohen should have known better, being a lawyer. He would still be committing those crimes had he not been found out.

P. Revere says:

Criminals being released just like the rapper SixNine(who has gone on to make millions since release)and Manafort as well and a number of other high profile criminals shows just how effective the wall is gonna be if you let criminals out on the street anyway? This sucks! All of it!

Yaakova Israel says:

How come some nonviolent inmates all across the country with underlying health conditions, and very minimal time left on their sentences, can't get out? This lets you know who the Criminal Justice system REALLY works for.

James Behrje says:

Hillary Clinton never got preferntial treatment!!!

Elaniago says:

They would have let Cohen rot in prison if the media had not picked up on it.

GAIL rowland says:

MSNBC…more propaganda to their brainwashed listeners.

d murph says:

Money and power buy freedom we all know this . now you're mad what about the last 4 years of this man's life .

George Thompson says:

MSDNC and its CHINA masters have you dummies hypnotized

David Robbins says:


god emperor almighty forefather TRUMP says:

As long as you losers understand who is in charge

VanGiai Do says:

Chris Hayes should learn that Trump doesn't pardon them, federal or local courts released many prisoners due to COVID19.

Fadi Carlos says:

This is what’s wrong with world.

Remmy 315 says:

Isn't this what the Dems wanted? The release of basically ALL non violent first time offenders so they wouldn't get Covid behind bars? I guess what they should have said was "All DEMOCRAT supporting non violent offenders…". The hypocrisy and double standards are shining brighter than ever.

Patricia Moran says:

Why why why why why ????? Is getting ridiculous and injustice.. President personal doing several and federal crimes getting away from the laws…

Patricia Moran says:

I cannot believe the level of corruption and lawless government.. A huge mistake for Humanity .. Clearly right now that people with power and money they are entitled to do whatever they wanted and the law does not apply to them ..

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