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Matthew is irresistible.

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Keira Knightley interview about Pride and prejudice,Matthew Macfadyen and Pirates of the Caribbean.


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Meg O'Fiachra says:

She was afraid of ruining the story. I don't know if "ruin" is the correct word, but this was far inferior to the mini series with Colin Firth.

Anna Fraley says:

She was Only the “Best One” to Ever play the part…!! ✅
We couldn’t watch it by Anyone else now. 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️👍

Danica Joplin says:

She is so right though, I miss manly men in movies and such. I am not fond of "pretty men". Matthew def is a good looking manly man.

Petru Lisievici says:

If this was the online movie she made, she would still be in the history of movies!

Eric Hill says:

In the book Elizabeth was a reputed beauty not flawless but beautiful none the less.

Joan Hodgson says:

You can add another one to that list.

Kate Hildebrant says:

Keira is so gorgeous 😍

TomatoSage says:

he becomes more handsome as the movie goes on

Hazel Diligent says:

Cor blimey ain’t he a smasher!

Mr Mephistopholies says:

Gag me with a spoon! I accidentally watched this.

Andrew L says:

She's so delightful.

Max Brazil says:

Damn! I love that woman!

Marie mit e. says:

Matthew is 10000000% irresistible. I am 100% certain that every woman who watched that movie was in love with him by no later than the end of the movie.

Beowulf says: ask once..boom thats it …..never more lol

You dont coddle chicks
U give em whatever they want for any reason..if they submit to ya..js

Timberwolf says:

rahh raahh raah euuww i begged my agent not to put me up for this job im suueww busy with other work anyway, and i was told i was teww pretty eeuuww rah rah rah

Nicky75 says:

her voice is one of the most annoying in cinema!

David Hutchinson says:

Keira….oh my.

Laird Dougal says:

My favourite of all the versions of P&P. Donald Sutherland’s casting as Mr Bennet was brilliant too.

riley tuawai says:

STILL watching this in 2022.
👗👗 😍😍😍

David R says:

I also thought that Hannah Storm was the best female sportscaster of all time. She was knowledgeable, had strong presence and attractive. Where is she just disappeared from TV. Where is did she go?

JFK35 517 says:

What a Face

Arkangel Michael says:

Deers Eating Leichen Cows Of Bashen Humans buried Under St. Peters Square Mossy Cows

Arkangel Michael says:

Keira Jedi Knightley

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