LIVE CHAT – Let's talk about James Charles….

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@James Charles apology video
My tweet about the situation

*Time Stamps*
0:00 Intro
2:24 Community Greeting
3:15 About James Charles
33:11 Hi to my doggie & What’s on my face
39:57 What Hank & Henry did… it’s bad…
47:29 Our favorite beauty creators
52:47 Why we love our favorite creators


ainsley marie says:

wasnt here for livestream but I love the shout outs to great people Jen!!!

she is amazing and so sweet

Holli Martin says:

He's not going to stop. Pedophiles don't just stop.

Karla Andreasen says:

He’s a celeb who isn’t bad looking. How is he hurting for dates with adults of legal age?

Rosanne B. says:

It's even on the national news here in The Netherlands

Layna D says:

He is a gross and terribly troubled individual that has been allowed to continue to prey on children.

Grace Medina says:

James Charles should know better PERIOD

out_running _erins says:

You have a great voice

Jaclyn Rawlins says:

Jen, I don’t think there is an explanation or a place to play devil’s advocate here. JC is a high profile, WEALTHY adult. He needs to KNOW the ages of the people he tries to hook up with, and if he can’t find that out, he needs to move on. More importantly, as a person who is trained to recognize when an adult could possibly be grooming a minor, JC’s text conversations with the minors are consistent with him attempting to groom them. I’m not comfortable with JC having a platform and receiving admiration from minors because he’s JC or is huge in the makeup/YT space.

Edit after I watched a little more: I take his apology at face value, meaning he apologizes for his behavior totally and accepts responsibility. I still don’t feel comfortable with him accessing and contacting minors AT ALL. Also, EVERYONE should have access to mental health care regardless of age, diagnosis, and past behavior. That’s a personal and professional value I have. Although, I have not evaluated JC and he deserves mental health care regardless, his behaviors and statements concern me. I’m concerned that the benefits he will receive from mental health care are limited.

Jessica TACKETT says:

Hes a celebrity he shouldn't be online doing this anyway

alee j says:

I just can't not think about Tati

Jodie Kelly says:

She came for the drama 😬

Jessica Rodriguez says:

You can’t go based on how they look because I’m 32 and I look like a little girl. Literally

Carrie Kup says:

It's never "too late for therapy", however, you cannot change what anyone is attracted to. You just cant. People are attracted to what they are attracted to. It's pretty hard wired. If he is attracted to males who may or may not be kids, it's a problem, and he literally cant just stop.

Ceara G says:

There are thousands of 20ish-year-olds who would date James. YET he uses "desperate" to excuse his creepy ass behavior towards kids. What I hate is the fact that he roasted these boys all over social media, and he refused to apologize. But now people are taking this seriously, so he had to apologize (and a super late apology may I add). I truly don't believe he is sorry. How can he be? He did the same thing OVER and OVER again, and he defended himself when called out!! disgusting

Jessica Demauro says:

I’m so happy that your one of the only beauty gurus besides Shae that has spoken up about this. He’s committing felonies against minors and people just keep calling it “DRAMA”. It’s not drama or a scandal. He should be in front of a court system to answer for all he’s done over the last 2 years.

Daniela Lutea says:


ABBY says:

Gorg! Ive been absent beauty youtube for a while and I saw your thumbnail and said.. wowza! Jen looks GORGEOUS!

Adrienne Wright says:

I am so tried of Jen making excuses for Tati. Tati is lying conniving woman. Tati was trying to save herself. Let me be clear I am not a JS or SD fan. She blamed everything on JS and SD because it was convenient.

A D says:

Tati did not try to take it back. She was gaslit in all directions. Both James, Shane and jeffree

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