Laurie Garrett On COVID-19 Timeline: ‘Three Years Is My Best Case Scenario’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

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Laurie Garrett tells Lawrence O’Donnell why she thinks it will take at least three years for the United States to “come up with a safe, proven, viable vaccine” and why Trump’s warp speed plan is unrealistic and potentially dangerous if the White House pressures the FDA to forego adequate vaccine testing. Aired on 5/25/2020.
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Laurie Garrett On COVID-19 Timeline: ‘Three Years Is My Best Case Scenario’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


Rafical says:

The next hurdle will be anti vax nutters.

Doug Grinbergs says:

Never mind the actual answers, we may not know enough to ask the right questions

Know Thanks says:


Gaetano Vindigni says:

Vote on November 3, 2020 to restore competence, honor and integrity to the office of the President of the United States and the Executive branch of government: 

> Vote for the health and welfare of your family; 
> Vote for decency and compassion;  
> Vote for the rule of law;  
> Vote to return to the age of reason;  
> Vote to make our Constitution relevant to our lives;  
> Vote to remove the menace to our Republic.  

Vote like our lives depend on it….because it does!

NewJerseyRaver says:

Can someone tell me who this woman is? Like, I’m assuming this isnt just “Opinions by Karen from down the street” but it doesn’t say her credentials anywhere 😂

MVVpro says:

Republican voters have historically voted for actors playing tough guys on screen. Reagan, Eastwood, Schwarzenegger and of course Cadet Bonespurs. We can only hope that come November they remember all the virus apocalypse movies in which a rushed vaccine destroyed the world.

Covfefe says:

This time next year who can we expect to still be alive? For example how many will probably die in Georgia, Florida, Missouri and New York? Has anyone done the numbers?


A whisker away from 100,000 dead American civilians from Covid19.
I'm thinking 1/4 million dead by Independence.
And Trump golfs.

America. Shame on you.

Nic Moreno says:

3 yrs of Trump followers dying like flies seems kinda like a good Idea but 75% chance if catching this disease from one kinda rules that option out

xjaskix says:

THREE years ? Wow the Fake News fear mongering Has come ridiculous , Absolutely Ridiculous . Are you Blind , Its already over In most places , The little flu bug is GONE . Only some cases here & There and its not too bad , Some old people already suffering Get It Bad . Im done with this Fake News garbage and I will keep living my life And NO MASK NEEDED .

You people are Insane & you are obviously TRYING to Ruin our Great Country & President … obvious to Every one now i hope , God bless us who see The truth .. #FireFauci

Earth Life says:

It's either wait for three years for a real vaccine or take trump's advice and drink Clorox.

toddburress68 says:

Where all gonna die and it's all that trumps fault somehow

Anne Harris says:

Seriously? Not trying to be partisan, but is there anyone who thinks that any country in the world could sustain a three year lockdown? I don't think so.

lrn says:

My metrics tells me its gonna stay much much longer.

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