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Keira Knightley ::: Coming Up Roses. (HQ)

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Keira Christina Knightley is an English actress and model. She began acting as a child on television and made her film debut in 1995.
This song is from the movie “Begin Again” which is a 2013 American musical comedy-drama film written and directed by John Carney and starring Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo…
There’s another song (Like A Fool) and clip from the movie here:-


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milanmumin says:

Is it mark ruffalo?

Gihan Bangamuwage says:

Hold on hold on everything coming on ♥️

Ralph Medlin says:

Roses part 2 it would be worth it 😊

ruochen han says:


CGaston says:

1:55 el mejor coro de la historia, que grandes

Fahriddin152 says:

Кира ты самая красивая

Bi nè says:

When you were asleep
And I was out walking
The voices started to speak
And they wouldn't stop talking
There were signs all around
It really got my mind racing
You were right all along
Something's gotta change
Hold on
Hold on, they're not for me
Hold on
'Cause everything's coming up roses
Now we're back on the street
Found a song that's worth singing
The bloody nose of defeat
While your victory bell's ringing
My whole life's turned around
For this thing you keep chasing
You were right all along
That's me who's got to change
Hold on
Hold on, they're not for me
Hold on
'Cause everything's coming up roses
Ah (Hold on, hold on)
Ah (Hold on, hold on)
Ah (Hold on, hold on)
Ah (Hold on, hold on)
Ah (Hold on, hold on)
Ah (Hold on, hold on)
Hold on
Hold on, they're not for me
Hold on
'Cause everything's coming up
(Hold on, hold on)

Leslie Frazier says:

My favorite movie and sound track beautiful

Marc Maza says:

I thought mark was a photographer? Cheating on jenna?

Vincent Costello says:

Not to shabby

Garth Brown says:

Done beautifully by Keira Knightley. This song works!

edmon robangkit says:

Nimas Ayu Kinasih

Mirela Souza says:

Eu amo 💜

The Bops says:

Such a great movie. Not sure how many times I've watched it LOL 🙂 The music is awesome!!!!

Guadalupe Elizabeth Avelar Dávila says:

Me encanta esta película. Me hace recordar que el querer es poder

Josh Hernan says:

Y realmente canta estas canciones esta actriz? O es otra persona

Renata Isabel Ramos says:


Arie Santjojo Classen Price says:

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Albert Monson says:

now i really wanna…

Andre Minnaar says:

What a powerful message

Jack Deth says:

okay just heard this for the first time six times in a row. if this is real DAAAAAAM she's not just hot

Nome Olvides says:

⚡️one way to get flowers I suppose.😊 do like Kiera.

x x says:

I can't help looking at the Jaguar Mk.10 "Fat Cat" parked in the alley at 1:15. The whole band and instruments could fit in it

John RAMBO says:

She's so beautifull and she can sing with an angel's voice !!! What a girl !!!

Natalia Lupanova says:

А я и не знала, что она поет..)

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