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Kate Beckinsale 2011 FLAUNT Magazine shoot (Behind The Scenes)

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Kate Beckinsale Behind the Scenes on her 2011 Flaunt Magazine shoot.


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Thainara Costa says:

So cockney. She is the most prittiest and sexy actriz. Before the fuckin botox. My second crush.

Harry Boggon says:

I Love this Beautiful Young Lady and WOW That fabulous voice
Kate You make Me proud to be English 💘

The WolfMan932 says:

She's a cool glass of water 😘

Av. Mehmet Kürşat GÜNDÜZ says:

KB is life; KB is girl of GOD

Maristela Santos says:

Selene hum😘

lakewoodil says:

Great actress and one of the worlds most beautiful women.

d b says:

She's a worldy wish I met her

Brett Clark says:

Drop dead gorgeous and so cute

LM says:

She is the most beautiful woman on universe

Dan Wagar says:

She’s really a pretty gal. Very natural

Elevated Entropy says:

Simply stunning, one of the very few women who really take my breath away

James Leahy says:

Red flag she banged Pete Davidson

Daren says:

Absolutely one my favorite women on earth 😘

Alasdair Trotter says:

God she is so beautiful drooling beautiful

THE BUDDHA 420 says:

I would love to see the difference if she never became rich don’t look that good without money

Evgenii Kupriianov says:

Катюша классная

Big Man Productions says:

She’s the perfect woman and perfect fuck

Double Tap says:

My God so super hot

John Doe says:

A solid ten 😍

Steven Bramschreiber says:

Kate,Michelle and Mila…top 3 Bad Ass hotties in my book!!!!!!!!!!!

Wayne says:

Yes very beautiful…
What's up with the Lion skin rug though? 😞

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