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Jimmy Fallon Is Jealous of Jennifer Aniston's Trips with Jimmy Kimmel

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Jimmy asks Jennifer Aniston why he’s not invited on her arts and crafts-filled vacations with Howard Stern, Jimmy Kimmel and fiancé Justin Theroux.

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Jimmy Fallon Is Jealous of Jennifer Aniston’s Trips with Jimmy Kimmel


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André Brandão says:

1:28 – LIKE BIG ENTRANCESsssssss! ………..=?

Michiel De Rauter says:

She s hot ouch… 😉 greetz from rotterdam

RAuL NAvvvEJAS iii says:

ebe25iiiiiiiiuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvv ALL 4 OF UUUUUUUUU OR NOT.

Gautam Amur says:

Let. Her. Speak. LET HER SPEAK

Big Game Time says:

Proper title : 3 minutes of Jennifer being interrupted

camaleon18 says:

oh my god I like Jimmy but does he ever lets her talk??!!

Drishti Shah says:

Jimmy would really get a lot less hate if he just stopped interrupting his guests so much🙈

Beebs says:

Is Jennifer interviewing Jimmy cause he answers all her questions!

scandinavian says:

I love Jennifer aniston she's is awesome actress and beautiful compare to Jennifer Lopez # Jennifer aniston as Rachel in friends ❣

NISHA says:

EVERYONE wants to be her friend

Huan Nimsey says:

65 x 1 million = 65 million

Chris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa says:

Maybe shes like me, and thought they were the same person.

Josh Ocean says:

she straight up rejected him. whats up with that rach?

Priyamwada Thakur says:

Like this Jimmy 😊

Skye JP says:

Lol @ still not getting invited

Alex Beltran says:

She kinda sounds like Ellen with a deeper voice

vasilli mahilovich says:

Love Jenifer Aniston great actor

Luis Govea says:

Jimmy is too much , Jen is too chill for his me me me attitude

Haley Ehler says:

She looks 25 here

TheMoonchild1969 says:

I have such a crush on this woman that is unbearable for me to watch😂

Orïon Lynx. says:

Im jealous too

Sir Lance Lote says:

Jimmy Fallon likes the spotlight way too much. Let your guests shine man!!!

sofiane ghez says:

I love Rachel 😍 Jennifer ☺

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