Identifying Airborne Transmission Of The Coronavirus | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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Dr. Joseph Allen discusses airborne transmission in relation to the coronavirus and he lays out a strategy for staying safe during the pandemic. Dr. Richard Besser also discusses the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s new report on the virus. Aired on 05/28/2020.
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Identifying Airborne Transmission Of The Coronavirus | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Justin Case says:

This is really telling. I couldn't find this excerpt elsewhere. This 10 seconds starting at 1 min 40 sec is real concerning.

Jarrod B says:

I have finally realised that in America you have to go to school to get feed and have to go to work to get health care, umm are you sure there is no longer slavery in the USA? Just wondering

T A says:

Wear a mask….period. When you give people an inch, they'll take a mile. Keep it simple because that's all some can comprehend and that includes the Donald.

Sal C says:

100,000 plus Deaths as of the date of the posting, heaven help this nation come this winter when we have a combination of the Flu and Corona Virus spreading across this nation. How many more must Die to appease one man echo of self-worth? 200,000 by the Fourth of July,? 100,000 by late August? One Million American Souls lost before Christmas! We the People must take back our country. This election year there can’t be a blue wave or a “Big Blue Wave” as there was in the mid-term elections, this election year it Must be, Needs to be a Tsunami. A Tsunami which needs to flows across the political landscape of this nation to let the GOP’ers and those Democrats failed to stand up to trump will cost them their positions in both the House and the Senate. This Tsunami must cover both houses of congress in a way, ”If” (I pray not) trump is re-elected by way of the antiquated Electoral College (as he was in 2016) and not the popular vote, he can and will be removed from office before the end 2021. It’s been written "Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it". I believe if, we the people of this Nation do not learn from the past Six months, let alone the last Three year and a half of its history CORRECTLY and re-elect Trump as POTUS, then this Nation is Simply Doomed. Vote to remove him from office in November before he causes even greater damage to this nation and even more deaths by his incompetence in regarding his handling the Corona Virus Pandemic

G Hill says:

If the schools don't demonstrate that the schools are safe, many kids won't show.

la mulata linda Martinez says:

This is worse than they're saying 😱 I'm not sending my kids back to school this year until they come up with a vaccine. I'm lucky, both my husband and I can work from home. We are financially comfortable so we can shelter comfortably. We live in Rome and this virus ravished Italy. There is no way I will send my kids back to school. This virus is mutating, killing children now. I really believe there will be a horrible second wave. We are open here but my family is acting as if this is not over.

KIRAN says:

US is long past the stage of test and trace. There is widespread transmission; need to make mask compulsory for everyone throughout the USA. Govt should provide masks to people so that no one is without it. Please learn from other countries who have successfully bent the curve so far, including China(Not a fan of China in general). Unfortunately the lack of leadership here is the biggest trouble right now!!

Fred Gonzalez says:

Get an air radar from the Air Force!

mybestideas1 says:

How do they know it is airborne? Any tests that they want to point us at?

KIRAN says:

Why is the CDC and government not acting on the this very evident fact of airborne transmission. The more the US takes time to recognize and adapt to this reality, more deaths and more chaos! SAD, so unexpected of a modern country with so much scientific advancements and experts!

MNMT Colin says:

Coronavirus: New Facts about Infection Mechanisms – NHK Documentary A month ago …

Chris Adkins says:

Wearing a mask to protect your fellow Americans is patriotic. Of course many of the dumbed-down won't understand the concept.

ruth depew says:

Wear a mask, which means don't eat out at restaurants.

Remedios Razon says:


Kieran O'Neill says:


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