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I Went To An Amazon Returns Store REACTION (Safiya Nygaard)

I Went To An Amazon Returns Store REACTION (Safiya Nygaard). So there is a Amazon Liquidation Store in Raleigh, NC called Treasure Hunt Liquidators. I dont know anything about Amazon customer returns! I dont have a Amazon Return Box and I dont know anything about the liquidation website. I would like a big discount on Amazon stuff. The Amazon Returns Store looks interesting. I need a drone, a blender, some spice and a go pro lens. A massage chair, and a microdermabrasion tool would be nice. A lava lamp & succulent growth light would be cool too. I dont know anything about Treasure Hunt Liquidators.

I might do a movie reaction. A first time watching movie reaction would be good. Movie reactions are great. A movie reaction first time is a joy to watch. My first time watching a movie was incredible. Reaction videos are my things and I love doing reactions. This is a reacts channel. Yes its a react channel. I react in a cringe way sometimes and it becomes a meme. I love memes and cringe compilation videos. Try not to cringe.

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