How The Defense Department Is Fighting Coronavirus | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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United States Air Force four-star general Gen. Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy joins Morning Joe to discuss how the Department of Defense is battling the coronavirus. Aired on 4/17/2020.
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How The Defense Department Is Fighting Coronavirus | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Phrozin says:

I think everyone see how the forces tackle COVID-19, it fires captain's who look after his crew

Marginally Sapient Cactus says:

DoD spraying agent orange? DoD shooting people? DoD shooting the air? Oh do tell us what the department of excessive waste has been doing.

Curt S says:

We will spend 5000.00 on a toilet but cant get a decent health care system

JeremysRants says:

General OShackHennesey


Marshall law is coming to your town near you

Ff Ff says:


didyouhear111 says:

There are so many great leader in the military who could easily become president.

Joseph Nguyen says:

I am sorry but I have to say MSNBC asking the "Defense Department about how to fight against the coronavirus" is very st..p question, the Defense Department is only available to support. MSNBC should ask the very top level of medical scientists around the world.

Dartagnan says:

that's general o'shag hennessey for you.

P-51D Hun Hunter 345th FS says:

Guys I can’t believe I’m gonna say this but this is World war 3 with enemy that can not be defeated with guns

x666x34b says:

DOD fighting coronavirus by relieving officers who embarrass them for their incompetence.

Andrew Le says:

why dont they just drop a bomb on coronavirus….. lol

mrearly2 says:

The military ought to be used to round up people like Bill Gates, Fauci, the head of W.H.O., drug company executives, heads of the controlled news media and anyone promoting a medical dictatorship.

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