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Full Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Bieber Instagram Live Stream being happy smiling – March 31 2019

JB & HB kissing, being cute, singing a song for Dan Kanter, waiting for their friends, complimenting each other in California on IG livestream


0:46 Justin singing Yeah, I Said It by Rihanna
0:56 Justin likes Hailey’s bow & earrings
1:07 Hailey’s wearing see-through clothing & she is a “naughty girl”
2:27 Justin imitating Hailey
2:44 Justin looks like Fidel Castro or Mexican/Cuban drug lord while imitating Italian one 3:15 what Justin had for breakfast
4:40 Hailey looks like JoJo Siwa while Justin dances behind Hailey
6:11 Justin kisses Hailey
7:01 Jonas Brothers are back
7:15 Kevin’s voice is so underrated
7:50 Justin & Hailey singing a song for Dan Kanter
10:08 Justin is running like Oscar