First Take | Max Shocked "Brady Has Won 3 Super Bowls Since I Made Cliff Prediction" | 2-8-21

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Stephen A Smith and Max Kellerman debate the Buccaneers winning Super Bowl LV and how they beat down the Chiefs from start to finish. Tom Brady’s teammates react to him leading Tampa Bay to the Super Bowl in his first year. No Commentary, LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more content.


Chris Ahearn says:

I did not expect antonio browns voice to sound like that

Arthur Houston says:

Tom Brady is 43 years old and by next year he'd be 44. If Mahomes and Brady ever played again you are talking about a super young guy vs someone nearing the end of his career. Though if Brady beats Mahomes again that is pathetic lmao. Brady beat Brees, Rodgers, and Mahomes in one season. Talk about insanity.

Jeff Bailey says:

Not a lebron fan but Max is right 🤷‍♂️

Claudio Fernandez says:

Denial comes from POLITICS, SJW, etc. etc. whatever MAX will never approve of the GOAT the Real GOAT Tom Brady. He started the Cliff Theory for THE GOAT and the GOAT wins 3 more SB

usaf 93 says:

When Brady retires 20% of fans will quit watching. Sad but true

NotEminemsBurnerAccount says:

Tom Brady so good he made Antonio Brown HUMBLE

Michael Polite says:

Steven A why don't you just quit lol

Michael Polite says:

It was a combination of Tom Brady and the defensive coordinator Todd Bolles defense that won the game

Pedro Gil says:

Max it’s not all there we’re talking about NFL he brings baseball and basketball in Max is Confuse he doesn’t know what to say anymore lol

UNLV-alumni96 says:

You can tell deep down inside Max hates Brady for his success in SuperBowl wins family’s lifestyle and the sexy wife. A while lot of Hateraid Max is drinking.Max trying to make points but he’s looked at like an idiot. Mahomes will be lucky if he wins 1 more. Poor Max is like that kid on the sideline of the basketball court that keeps chirping talking smack but doesn’t get in on the hardwood to play.

Jonathan Buckwalter says:

Getting beat by 43 year old…yeah that’s tough to overcome

Roger Post says:

Max is so embarrassing. He just can’t bring himself to admit Brady is the 🐐. Cringe.

Crus Harold says:

Funny thing Max is that a lot of basketball fans still remember how Dirk and the Mavs humiliated the Heat and Lebron. One thing also to point out, outside of ESPN nobody considers Lebron as the GOAT. I will bet that if you take a survey on all the current NBA players, a lot of them will still consider MJ as the GOAT

Vincent Marconi says:

When TB12 finally retires, he should be put into the HOF on that day, and Tom should have Shannon, Max and Nick Wrong give the presentation speech!

Stephen Giallombardo says:

Since the "cliff", 4 Super Bowl appearances, 3 wins,, 3 Super Bowl MVPs, and 1 MVP.

Kankles the Sloth says:

Not just the best quarterback, these players don’t make a distinction, Brady is just the goat of all football. Period.

Adrian Rivera says:

Max Killermouth

Richard Hopkins says:

Jordan?, Lebron?, Please don't be disrespectful to bill russell

Jgod Happyfish says:

Main reason why good quarterback are not winning, is because of salary cap.
40% to 50% salary goes to quarterback.
rest of the salary are now divided to other players.

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