Customizing 11 iPhone 11s, Then Giving Them To People!!📱📞 (Giveaway)

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Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the huge iPhone 11s giveaway! Thanks for watching:)

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ZHC says:

We hit 1 million likes! In the process of ordering 20+ iPhone 11s to giveaway 😂
Giving away 11 custom iPhone 11s! Join the giveaway!
Btw please subscribe. I still have a cracked iPhone X since I want you guys to enjoy it first 🙂
1 million likes and I will give 20 iPhone 11s away! I'll actually do it lol
Btw do not click on zhc giveaway. Don't get scammed please! Giveaways are only on this channel!

First Comment: Cloud Bait109

Kac pelikan says:

Give my iPhone 😊

晃久しゃま says:


Fabricio Garcia says:

Please give me a iPhone 11

Boss Gamer 8985 says:

I’m 9 and I don’t have twitter or instergram I don’t have a phone 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺


Please 1 iPhone for me to Malaysia

simsek evreniii says:

Im you likes of the best days.

Alexander Buiza says:

Whyyyyyyyyyyy Mr ZHC whyyyyyyyyyyy tell me plssssss whyyyyyyyyyyy did you do this to meeeeeee whyyyyyyy?

jaxon 18907 says:

Make merch (phone cases])

通りすがりの菅ですが登録1万人でイソ子と付き合います says:


mariliza santos says:

I want i phone because i dont have that i want that pls give

Harley Quinn says:

Is that infinite who is saying wow

Dande Lion says:


Daniel Silva Cardoso says:

Manda um desse para mim kkkkkkkk muito toooop seu canal

Oppo A33 says:

I. Want. an. Ihone11pro

Esmatullah Alamkhel says:

Wow lucky people, now have people iphone 11 no way ,I would to buy iphone 4 but I couldn't buy I am waiting for 4 it's 10 jaar 😢 but people have now 11 .
I work very hard everyday 12 hours but I recieve every month 200$ 😢 but I don't know how u can find alot of money to buy so many iPhone's 11 ,and to give to people .If you have more one please send 😀 it's my dream to have iphone 11+

Amazing video💪

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